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Do you believe that dreams have a meaning?

Asked by smokeweedeveryday (579points) February 25th, 2010

Beacuse i had a dream that i was pregnant and my friend told me that a new begining is going to start in my life.

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Do not have sex.

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I don’t think they have a meaning in the way you’re talking about. They have a meaning in that your dreams are rehashing memories and possible outcomes and honing your brain to deal with different things. Dreams are like a mental exercise for real life. They’re not a portend for real life, though. :)

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Any dream dreamed by someone who smokes weed every day is going to be kinda off-kilter because the waking life is so dreamy in the first place.

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I don’t know if dreams have special meanings or not. But I do know that our minds find meaning even in random events. So the process of thinking about a dream will often bring to our minds ideas that can have profound impact on our lives, even if the dream was just a random set of images.

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Psychoanalysts certainly think so.

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God I hope they don’t. If that’s the case, my immediate future is going to be incredibly inane and boring.

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I don’t agree with susanc, but if you stop smoking weed for a little while, your dreams will be much more coherent and vivid. At least they are when I stop.

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@stump well i havent smoked in a while. Becasue i have no money to buy it.
Its been like a almost a month

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Do you find that your dreams are supressed by weed? or is that just me?

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Yes.I am confident that I could beat up grizzly bears.I am always fighting them :)

and…I still don’t know why I slept with John Goodman!

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If so…Im apparently going to die in a school bus rollover accident in Taiwan very soon :-(... Hey I cant help what goes on in my head while Im dreaming!!!

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I once had a dream where me and some of my best guy friends were all holding hands and skipping around our town at night. We came across a garden that had giant round sunflower heads (they were the size of beach balls) that were really sticky. We made a game out of picking them up and kicking them onto objects like tree trunks, street signs, and buildings, so they got stuck. Whoever’s got stuck the highest up won the game. Later on, we decided that we didn’t like the road in front of my house, so we dug it up (apparently regular old shovels will go right through concrete) and built our own cave.

So… no, I don’t really think dreams have any meaning.

Maybe I should lay off the caffeine a bit.

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They mean we are asleep.Unless of course it’s a daydream.

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Dreamed that i won the lottery…about 30 years ago…i’m sure the check is in the mail!

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I just answered this question in another thread. Generally having dreams means that you are asleep.

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Dreams have the meaning you ascribe to them; no more, no less. They are not predictors of anything but may be a clue to what is concerning you.

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I don’t think they have meanings per se, most especially not anything which might indicate the future through symbolic prediction.
If anything, dreams might nearly be a reflection of your emotional state, especially since striking dreams often revolve around something significant going on with your life. But I don’t think it actually means anything at all.

Or I hope not anyways, since all my dreams always include murder.

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No, not at all. Dreams are the imaginings of a bored spatial visualisation sector of the brain, which has no real work to do when your eyes are closed, so it invents a space so it can do what it does best. For dreams to have a useful meaning and purpose, they must be given by a conscious, powerful, intelligent entity, and I do not believe such exists so dreams can have no source of meaning.

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My grandmother used to say that dreaming of pregnancy meant that someone was going to die.

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A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot has always been amazingly accurate when I consult it.

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I beleive that it’s your subconscious at play. Gives you some thing to do in the morning. :)

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Shit, I didn’t realize my dreams were more vivid when I’m not smoking every day, but you’re right, @susanc and @stump. It happened to me last week.

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I’ve always heard dreams are just random thoughts from your subconscious. The dream sequence is just the brain doing its natural thing of trying to organize these thoughts. The question is why you are having these subconscious thoughts about pregnancy (either you want to be pregnant or your behavior suggest that you may become pregnant).

PandoraBoxx – grandmothers say stuff like that all the time. She probably wanted to scare you out of a) having sex (and therefore killing someone) or b) dreaming (which is just plain mean)

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I am expecting and i have weird dreams al the time which i seem to remeber but i dont believe they have any significant meaning, f you read any dream book it will tell you only certain dreams at certain times under no influence of your surroundings have meaning x

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