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What could this dream mean?

Asked by wtfrickinfrack (1354points) February 25th, 2010

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always had excessive nightmares (an unfortunate side effect of my TS). I was just wondering though if there could be any significance to the fact that at least 70% of my nightmares center around some stranger breaking into my house and murdering me in horrific ways. I know this is kind of a morbid question, but therapists usually brush it off and I really want an opinion of some kind! Any ideas what these dreams could mean, if anything?

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What does TS stand for?
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****** TS Cleveland (postcode, United Kingdom)
****** TS Timestamp
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****** TS Teamspeak
****** TS Transsexual
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****** TS Traffic Shaping
****** TS Tropical Storm
****** TS The Simpsons (TV show)
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I don’t really want to traipse through all of them…

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Generally, they mean you are asleep.

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@CyanoticWasp TS stands for Tourette’s Syndrome

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It could mean two things off the cuff. The one theory would be that all people in your dream signify “you”. So the actors are just playing a role in order to put across a feeling. So in this case a part of you is “murdering” the heck out of yourself. An example would be if I was a painter and artist but I found a job in finance, I am of course murdering myself.

Because the ways the intruder is murdering you (in horrific ways) a part of you is absolutely being closed off, shut down or brutalized. I hope I am explaining this well??

alternatively as all anxiety based dreams contain horrific content. You may be suffering severe anxiety at times and this is being translated into your dream at these times. You could be feeling threatened in certain ways by certain people.

I do not know too much about TS, But I have had similar dreams myself from time to time.

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@Just_Justine said it very well… my bro has TS and he has a lot of anxiety driven nightmares too. I can’t believe your therapist didn’t think of that o.O

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This dream seems as though it sybolizes a fear of death, perhaps you need to make peach with your life.

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‘To dream that you have been killed, suggests that your actions are disconnected from your emotions and conscience. Alternatively, the dream refers to drastic changes that are happening in your life. There is a characteristic that you want to get rid of or a habit that you want to end within yourself. Killing represents the killing off of old parts of yourself and old habits.’

That is from, I know that with some things I’ve dreamt of I can see how it applies kinda well to things that might be in your shallow subconscious, and maybe deeper =P, but I guess only you’ll know about what’s up there… so I don’t know if that means anything…

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it probably means that you and your family is going to get robbed or something. take heed and don’t brush this off, because being without a tv or something like a play station, nintendo, or wii is a real bummer

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Fear of not being in control. (Just my guess)

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@wtfrickinfrack I’m going to go way out on a limb here.
You say ” but therapists usually brush it off…”. So, are you seeing therapist/s? I am assuming that you’re either seeing more than one at a time, or you’ve seen more than one over a period of time. So whatever your therapy is about, it seems to me like you have a need to let go of “self”, or at least a part of it. This is causing you conflict, because on some level you don’t want to let go, and see it in terms of killing that part of you. It’s easier for your psyche to accept a random stranger as doing the killing than your trusted therapist or yourself, but I know that in a dream, your house represents “you”, so the fact that someone is coming inside of “you” and then killing “you” is, I think, significant. The fact that this dream occurs over and over is also significant, as is the different “horrific” ways.
Until you can see that part of yourself as undesirable and needing to go, you’ll probably keep having the dreams. It’s like your own way of resisting and even sabotaging your therapy.

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Dreams don’t mean anything. They’re your brains way of taking out the trash.

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1) discuss it again with doctor. Pubmed found one article that suggests sleep disturbance might be related to coexistent attention deficit – which you would know if you had it.

2) reasonable security options.
– lock your door at night.
– don’t sleep with murderers
– can you afford an alarm?
– don’t live in gangland
– don’t take a room at Bate’s motel.

3) reasonable insecurity options
– it is a dream, not a contract
– sleep function usually reflects trying to get over something.
– the repetitive nature makes me wonder about PTSD from the dream itself. – would be worthy of a publication if so.

4) Pascal’s wager
– can be rephrased into – it is better to take precaution on the possibility that dreams may be prophetic…

Along those lines, there is a bizarre story to tell…

An employee working in a doctors office has a dream about another employee. The office receives a box, and on opening, a huge boa constrictor comes out. Every one runs to the back. One employee angrily ignores the commotion, bustling past, and sitting down at the computer next to the snake. The first employee, the one having the dream, (call this one Jobe) tries to shout, and warn the second one at the computer (call this one Cain). Jobe is ignored.

The snake moseys on over and wraps himself around Cain, biting large gashes into cains face. Cain angrily carries on, ignoring the snake. Jobe tries harder to call for help yet nothing comes out.

The one dreaming is Jobe.

The next day, a letter is received regarding the real world “Cain”. For more than 6 months 11 felony counts have been perpetrated. “Jobe” had no way of knowing that would happen. “Cain” confessed that day when confronted.

5) remember – prophesy ALWAYS serves. It has a function, whether it arose by Darwinian selection, biblical creation, or my imagination. In the story of job – who probably did not live in a whale – he was punished for NOT revealing his prophecy. When he succumbs and obeys, the peoples respond and on a bright side destruction is evaded. Prophesy is not a death warrant, it is a warning, and a demand for action.

This is provided you are not buying into the literal translation of Revelation.

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Your dream doesn’t mean anything. Concentrate on figuring out the meaning of things that really happen.

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It means you love yourself

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haven’t time for a long answer now (near midnight in UK) but just want to disagree with those who say ‘dreams don’t mean anything’ – rubbish, of course they do. Our brains are not lazy nor entertaining themselves, but performing useful work as we sleep. Some agreement with @Just_Justine as we can only imagine/dream from our own sub and unconscious; so all parts of the dream are of the self. I’ll pop back after me beauty sleep and chuck in a bit more… nighty night and sweet dreams lol

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OK, further to last night: it is possible that your terrifying dreams are representing you being at odds with yourself. How do you cope with the Tourettes? Is it your demon or your friend? There are people who cope using humour, or simple honesty. Once out in the open, the condition can at least be seen as ‘ordinary’ by those around one, rather than some horrible or embarrassing curse… But how do you see it?

Dreams where we are being attacked or murdered can point to internal conflict. I have had such dreams, my strategy was to first identify my assailant. He was a ‘serial killer’, weilding a knife, who would wall up his female victims (parts of me) and leave them to rot, whether dead or not. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I worked on the dreams, looked at the images, wondered out loud to friends a bit… and eventually saw that I needed to pity this character. Effectively befriending him. My symptoms immediately became easier to manage.

My suggestion is to keep a record of these dreams – no matter how terrifying – and take a look at what they really mean to you. If they do relate to the daily struggle you have with TS, it may be that an understanding of the images, the actions and the feelings in your dreams will lead to some relief. I cannot predict what that would mean – perhaps your symptoms might be less overt, perhaps the tics or outbursts (forgive me, I am surmising based on my own scant knowledge of the condition) could become less frequent… Anything is possible.

I have studied, recorded, analysed and worked with dreams for over 25 years now and have always found them to show a path towards greater health and better coping skills in waking life. Hope this helps!

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I can’t resist a comment about the post by @CyanoticWasp – what on earth was the point of that? The question you begin with was enough, surely?

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