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Do you whistle while you work?

Asked by ucme (50047points) February 25th, 2010

Kind of a generic phrase, for whistling see singing or humming or whatever.What i’m trying to ask is,when you’re alone & busy or concentrated at whatever you may be doing.What little quirks do you display?Maybe you drum your fingers ,tap your feet or any of the above.Perhaps you’re not aware of this,maybe you do none of these things.All answers welcome in any case,even the dwarf references & yes it was intentional.

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I definitely sing along to songs while I’m working, and don’t realize it. I was listening to a cd while doing work with a roommate a few days ago and asked if such-and-such a song had played because I didn’t remember it happening (it was a CD I’m very familiar with so I knew where it went in the lineup). She responded “You don’t remember it? But you were singing along with that song!!” :)

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I like to pick my nose while texting and driving…uh no…I lied,I like to juggle while performing brain surgery…shoot!I don’t do that either.Sometimes..I’ll make chainsaw noises while cutting into a porkchop I “cooked” and I also like to imitate a choo choo while standing in line at the bank.Other than that,no other quirks ;)

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Flip my pen around my finger, drum with my fingers on top of my desk, or shake one of my legs up and down with my foot. That’s what I usually do at work. Sometimes I also play with the stubble on my face.

When doing the dishes, I actually do whistle a lot. Usually to whatever’s been playing on TV. Recent example: the Olympics theme song.

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@lucillelucillelucille Pity the bank don’t have an express queue.

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@fireinthepriory Yeah I do that a lot.Also, finger tapping can be a bit of an issue whilst hovering over my keyboardddddddd..damn there I go again.

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@ucme -They love it! I have had people try to buy tickets. Lol!

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My SO whistles all the time he is mowing the lawn. I really don’t know why – he doesn’t whistle at any other time. (Perhaps he is happy doing the lawn, and it saves me a job) LOL

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I either bite my nails or click my pen. (annoying I know)

but I honestly do not believe I can sit still for long or even short amouts of time

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No, and working in the vicinity of someone who does drives me to murderous fantasies. I used to share an office with the Whistlesniffer. He whistled all day and also had a chronic nasal drip and sniffed constantly in between whistles. He never once blew his nose, and he turned down offers of tissues. You would not believe the variety of hideous gruesome painful deaths I wished on him while I was trying to write program code.

I do sometimes sing a little while doing housework, but I put that in a different class. No one is trapped in a small space with me for 40 hours a week.

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I whistle and sing while I’m doing the stupid dishes, taking my shower, or just because I’m bored. I especially like to whistle that song from the movie kill bill.

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I sing love songs.

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I sing or hum almost all the time, mostly when I’m driving or cleaning.

When I’m drawing, I tend to make the same expression that I’m drawing on the character. It’s no problem when I’m alone, but I kind of have to stop myself from doing that in public so people don’t get weirded out by me smiling like a maniac or looking like I’m about to kill someone.

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I said I didn’t but I definitely do now. Can’t stop.

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