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my ex girlfriend and I are really close and are as good or better than when we were dating I really want to kiss her but I want it to be special how do I make it memeroble? r

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) March 4th, 2008
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come close to, then stop. make her want it more. and you want it more.
then when the time is absolutely perfect (and i mean like, the kind of kiss that she would remember for the rest of her life perfect; after a hard day in the rain, etc.), go for it. slowly and genuinely.
it’ll be the best kiss of her life, since she’ll want it so bad and it will be perfectly timed.
at least, the best kiss so far. :]

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if it’s the same girl, kiss her already! Tell her you’ll stick around and she’ll get mushy :P

Edit: yeah, what he said. ^^

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I asked my girlfriend what the most romantic things I had ever done for her a while ago.

#1…. She was very sick and I brought apple juice to her while she was frumpy on the couch. If you can get her sick this might work.

#2 She was driving one day and I yelled for her to pull over. I jumped out and picked a tulip for her and got back in the car. Totally random, but she loved it. She still has the flower 13 years later.

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