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What question(s) would you have asked Akio Toyoda?

Asked by PacificRimjob (699points) February 25th, 2010

I’d ask “Why the fuck isn’t the Lexus IS-F available with a proper manual transmission??

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Is Toyota named after you, or did you name yourself after Toyota so that you could get promoted to CEO? ;-)

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What’s it like to receive thousands of pieces of mail telling you your name is spelled wrong?

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It was changed on purpose.

Toyota is luckier than Toyoda.

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Is the company still using the Toyota Lean Management structure and Stop the Line protocols? And if so, what sort of root cause analysis has been done to determine the cause of the defects and what are the results?

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I’d be like dude, lemme a quarter.

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I’d ask him why he speaks like the other Yoda not.

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