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Why do I give off extreme degrees of heat when I'm sleeping?

Asked by Bronny (714points) February 25th, 2010

In the past few years, I have received complaints in multiple relationships that the degree of body heat I give off when I’m sleeping is BOTHERSOME. At one point, one individual jerked up out of bed ANGRY (woke me up in the process), and said that he couldn’t sleep because my body heat was causing him to sweat. The strangest thing is that it doesn’t make ME sweat…and often times, my feet will be like ice at the same time. I can’t even tell that my body is on fire, honestly, and if it didn’t cause people to want to sleep so far away from me, I might not care at all. Anyone have ideas on this?

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You should go to the doctors to check for hypertension.

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I think it’s due to the body’s repairing processes. Temperature goes up to speed that.
But, as per first poster. It’s definitely worth a doc’s visit.

I tend to also produce a lot of heat, but it’s equally distributed throughout my body. I don’t like how your feet are ice when you’re overheating.

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It’s possible that it is a metabolic issue. Check hyperthyroidism?

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Thank you for your responses thus far…I suppose I should give more information. I do not think it is hyper-tension because overall I am very healthy. I’m a 26 year old female that eats all vegetables and fish, runs marathons, and typically during the waking day, am always cold. I also drink quite a bit of coffee. A cup for breakfast and a cup after lunch.

I am not sickly skinny or overweight at all, as far as I can tell anyway!!!

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@Bronny then the closer it sounds that it’s just your body healing. Especially if you’re overactive. The more active you’re in the day – the more active you’ll be at night. Mostly around muscular areas.

And oh, we can’t sleep together, we’d melt the bed :P

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I have the same problem. My spouse complains in the summer, but loves it in the winter. I have no clue why it happens..I’m quite healthy. sorry, I’m not much help..but letting you know that it happens to me as well!

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Body temperature fluctuates during sleep. Perhaps you and your partners’ sleep patterns are not in sync – If his temperature has dropped, your own ‘normal’ temp. will feel hot to him.

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I want to attribute this to just one person, but there were 3 people that said the exact same thing. Both equally as active as myself…but typically were already warm when I was freezing.

phoebusg- I like the idea of it being the body going through healing cycles. That sounds so positive and like the problem is not me at all, but the jerks that hog my side of the bed. Thanks!

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i have had the same complaints from others as well. It is not so much a complaint than actually very cosy. I wondered about it myself, but i too am very healthy and exercise regularly and eat right, so i think it is a good thing

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I have the same complaint, too. I’ve been told I’m a heat machine at night. I always wake up slightly too warm under all the blankets, but I tend to be too cold all day in wintertime. I wouldn’t worry too much… it seems like a few of us have the same problem, and I’m very healthy and of average weight as well.

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thank you! guess i’ll just be a happy single career woman forever! if you can’t take the heat, get out of my bed!

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