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What would you do in this situation?

Asked by mollypop51797 (1425points) February 25th, 2010

My niece just took her drivers test. The first time she was given an automatic fail. Why? Well, when she was driving, up ahead a boy on a skateboard was in the middle of the road. He was just standing there, waiting for his friends, in her lane. She didn’t know if she was supposed to honk or pull over etc. since this had not been mentioned in the manual. So, she crossed over to the opposite lane and received an automatic fail.
What would you have done?

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Stopped and waited.
Even dick skateboarders will eventually be courtious.

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Stopped and honk the horn, and probably stick my head out and yell at this kid to getfo the way haha.
I wonder if you loose points for instant road rage during an exam.

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I would’ve launched him into the stratosphere!If you’re going to fail ,fail big! Or..I would’ve stopped in my lane and honked the horn.If he didn’t move ,my Toyota would’ve experienced uncontrollable acceleration ;)

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You stop, it says in the manual to yield to pedestrians, even stupid ones.

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Hit the gas and complain about speed bumps.

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Yeah, like everyone said above—stop. When you say she crossed to the opposite lane, do you mean the lane for oncoming traffic? Was it a dotted line?

She gets to take it again doesn’t she?

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I love that driving examiner.

This is one of the really horrifying things about drivers these days, even on my residential street with its 25 mph speed limit: they feel entitled to cross into the other lane at any time. They feel, I suppose, that if they get there first, then they’re entitled to be there. They have no idea how dangerous this is, that expectation that others in oncoming lanes should be looking out for and slowing or stopping so that they are not inconvenienced.

I hope your niece learned a valuable lesson from this—I hope she spoke (courteously) to the examiner about her mistake—and I hope that she remembers it and passes it on. The lesson could save a few lives, including her own.

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She crossed over to the opposite lane of oncoming traffic. And yes, sorry, she did wait, but she eventually crossed over.

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If it had been my daughter I would have talken to the driver’s ed instrutor and would get her another chance,

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Yes, it deserves an automatic fail. Pedestrians always have the right of way. My daughter flunked the first time for something similar.

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Road driving does not happen by the manual; you have to exercise judgment. The rule is pedestrians have the right of way. Judgment should say that if that is the rule, then you wait until the person makes the move. A car can kill a person, especially if the driver operates as if they have the right of way at all times.

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Well, let’s not be too harsh. If the driver had a view of the road in front of her for blocks, and no one was coming, most drivers would go around after slowing, if it is a local street, I don’t know what type of street it was? To fail her is correct, but just because she did not go by the book, does not mean it was unsafe.

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I think the examiners look for reasons to fail people the first time, especially if they are younger drivers. They figure that a little more practice before someone get’s a license is a good thing.

That being said, I do think he was right to fail her. I probably would have honked, but I’m not sure what an examiner would do with that!

I received an automatic fail my first time because I did a rolling stop through a stop sign. :)

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@Dr_Dredd, don’t they call that a “california stop” :)

@JLeslie, yes I agree. However, second time she took it, she passed yay! But, yes, it was unfair, and she didn’t know what to do during this situation.

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@mollypop51797 If anything it will make her more cautious, or maybe care more about what he right thing to do is. I am not saying she was not conscientious in the first place, but most of us when we start to drive are less able to handle new situations well, so it is best to err on the side of caution, over cautious, and many younger people don’t do that. The state I took the test in did not take you out on the road, you just drove around a little course with some stops, parallel parking and a three point turn. Not real life at all.

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@mollypop51797 I thought it was a Bronx stop :)

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Stop and if he didn’t move, let him hear my loud horn.

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Stop and honk that horn!

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