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How do I get the scratch off my camera lens?

Asked by MaloryVaughn (8points) February 25th, 2010

The cap came off my camera lens and accidentally got a few scratches. Is there a solution or something that can help smooth over lens scratches?

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If it’s a coated lens you will have to have the coating removed. If you are sure it is plain glass, you can try jeweler’s rouge.

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Nope. Nothing you can do if it’s a real scratch. But

There are different types of scratches and they may or may not affect image quality in different ways. A coating scratch won’t hardly show anything at all except for possible increased flare or specular anomalies.

The rear element of your lens is much more important than the front element to keep scratch free. A rear element scratch will always show imperfection. A front element scratch typically only shows anomalies on wide angle lenses and macro lenses focused closely. Standard and Telephoto lenses won’t show any degraded image quality unless the scratch is extremely deep and large.

But once it’s scratched, it’s scratched. Nothing really you can do except an expensive element replacement or buy an new lens.

Try this… and see if you can rub it out. DON’T USE LENS CLEANER!!!
Get some lens tissue or a newish microfiber lens cloth. Fog the lens with your breath. Fog it a lot and then rub the glass with a circular motion until all streaks vanish. Rub hard, fog again, rub hard. If the scratches don’t come out, then it’s a real scratch. Could be just the coating though if you don’t feel any gouges. Coating scratches hardly affect image quality. The wider angle the lens, the worse the image quality will be.

Good luck!

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