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What kind of grapes were they?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) February 25th, 2010

This question really bothers me, and has haunted me perpetually. It’s weird that a taste could have such an impact on me, but it has.

When I was about three my parents owned a fine dining restaurant with a room for catered meals. At one of these catered meals there were very elaborate ice sculptures, on a grand buffet with all sorts of fresh fruit and other eats.

One of the fruits that was given to me from this grand buffet was a grape. It was so pale green, that it sort of looked like it was glowing. It was slightly elongated. The flavor was very mild, and unlike any grape I have ever had since.

I harbor some suspicion(and fear) that my memory has put the flavor of something else onto the picture of a grape. In this case the flavor could not be recovered unless I stumbled upon something with the same taste.

Does anyone know any pale green longish grapes with a mild, melon/kiwiish flavor.

A couple of people have recommended green sicillian grapes to me, but I can’t find anywhere to purchase them outside of sicily.

Is there a place to taste a very wide variety of grapes from around the world, in one place?

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So…they were different from just regular green grapes?

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They weren’t attached to someone’s SO’s breast, were they?

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@squidcake completely different.

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That would explain so much.

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Don’t doubt your memory. Industrialization of crop production has caused us to readily use just a few of many varieties of fruit in existence. It is more likely that you ate a rarer variety….Can you ask your parents? They probably remember if they had to stock it…

Were they baby kiwis?

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Were they seedless or seeded?

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Well here’s a (long and daunting) list of all the grape varieties:

It’ll probably be under “White Grapes.” You might just have to keep looking. Hope you find it…they sound good.

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That was nice of you, @squidcake

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@lilikoi wow…never heard of baby kiwis! this might be a candidate. Thank you very much. Do you know about any other cool fruit, because I thought I knew a bunch, but baby kiwi…lol…that’s cool. Mangosteen is awesome if you can find it in the states.

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@ETpro I seem to recall not spitting out seeds.

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If I ever find them I will come back and post that I did, a guy from Sicily at work today said they are marcellos grapes from sicily.

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Which makes sense, because the restaurant was Sicilian themed “so to speak”...ahem…

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@Ltryptophan white grapes are like that. I mean, they’re really pale green, and seedless, but they’re called “white” grapes.
If you’re into cool fruit, then I recommend Ranier cherries for the two or three week period that they’re in season, and blood oranges if you can find any. They have patches of red on the flesh of the fruit, and they’re really tangy/sour. Later in the season they have more red to orange ratio and are sweeter. Early is the best.
If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try the Scuppernong grapes. They are big, have really thick skins and you suck out the inside and toss the skins.
Bon appetit!

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The last house I lived in when I was West of the Hudson had a scuppernong with slipskin grapes. Yum!

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You have received some great answers here, but I’m wondering if you might have gotten a melon scooped in the shape of a grape? My grandson just made that mistake this week. We bought a new melon scoop, and the round, green scoops look like grapes.

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scuppernong, like a muscodyne?

@Trillian, I have had Rainiers, and blood oranges. Have you tried fresh tamarind?

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A scuppernong is a type of arbor. Here in New York, Concords began to be called “scuppernong” grapes, since most households had them.

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@Yarnlady melon balls is a possibility, but I remember the flavor and unless my memory does not serve me well, it was not like honey dew melon(ripe or unripe).

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Have you asked your parents? They sound really good. Let us know when you find out!

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@Ltryptophan I was going to suggest scuppernong if they were seeded grapes. When I was a kid, a neighbor had a vine, and they were delicious.

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@ETpro: When I’ve had scuppernogs, they’ve always had an extremely strong flavor, not a mild one. And they’re very round, not elongated…

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@La_chica_gomela They indeed are round and very flavorful. I forgot that the ones @Ltryptophan recalled eating were mild in flavor.

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