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We are actually what we eat?

Asked by squidcake (2639points) February 25th, 2010

Back when I first learned about the theory that matter can’t be destroyed or created, I got to wondering: what about a fetus growing in the womb? That’s when it finally sunk in that the food our mothers eat when they’re pregnant are broken down, rearranged, and become the building blocks for a new human being.

Right? Am I the only one freaking out about this?
I’ll be back in a little while, I’m curious to see responses…

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YAY! I’m a broccoli lol

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With a name like “squidcake”, I wonder why you are asking the question!

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Yes. There is a limit to how much our organism can break things down. If we could break things down absolutely to the basic elements, then we could make use of any matter we could get our hands on.
Thus we’re restricted to using molecules that are already best fit for our purposes. Better fitting molecules (aka better foor) – results in a better functioning system or body.

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We are actually what we eat.

These words just sailed over my head the first few times I heard them. Then one day someone said” Every cell that your body builds is built out of the raw materials from the foods you eat”.

Suddenly I had a mental image of all my new cells carrying Mc Golden Arches within them…and just like that my appetite for fast food disappeared.

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More fundamentally, the matter in your body was once part of a star.

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I’m mostly barley and hops. Oh, and a big cucumber.

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@TheLoneMonk Now you’re just bragging.

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I guess it’s true, then. I really am a pussy.

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Lots of bragging in the matter thread.

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Life is amazing and wondrous.

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@dp: Big Dipper is my nick name

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Not “Tripod”?

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Pissing contest, much?

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It just confirms that I’ll be giving birth to a giant Swedish Fish.

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You’re still here? I thought you’d have had that fish by now!

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@janbb I have a uterus of steel. And a mellow (I prefer that word over stubborn lol) fetus.

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Carbon-Based Life-forms, yes.

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Ah, comeon out, little jelly!

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You don’t want to slide into a carbon base

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much less steal a second one.

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Shouldn’t that be steel a carbon base?

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Do I eat fish? Yes.
Am I a fish? No.

Problem. Solved.

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I’m Captain Crunch??

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Come on now..Props for the rim shot..

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Sorry 7th, I don’t get the joke.

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A lot of me is what I eat, surely – that’s why nutrition is uber important to me.

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Well I don’t eat people…

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Did you press the button?
three corny jokes in a row…

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Aha! Very clever.

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I’m a whore for lurve

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So that means a vegan is actually a plant. Which means I could eat them and still be a vegan. :)

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Beefcake is not cheesecake. You know that

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@SeventhSense Am I paid up now?

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What about what we breathe? The oxygen in our blood, which is in a sense part of us all, comes from what we breathe, not what we eat, right?

also, most people don’t realize that after we break down our food, most of the left-over byproducts of what we eat mostly leave our body when we exhale, not in the bodily wastes we leave in the toilet

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What, no profane sexually oriented “eating” jokes yet?

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Brrrappp! And if you do the math, you’ll find that you just inhaled a few methane and nitrogen molecules I just passed. All of you just did.
You’re welcome.

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“we are what we repeatly do, execellence is not an act, but a habit” -Aristole

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It’s a very odd thing—
As odd as can be—
That watever Miss T. eats
Turns into Miss T.;
Porridge and apples,
Mince, muffins and mutton,
Jam, junket, jumbles—
Not a rap, not a button
It matters; the moment
They’re out of her plate,
Though shared by Miss Butcher
And sour Mr. Bate;
Tiny and cheerful,And neat as can be,
Whatever Miss T. eats
Turns into Miss T.

Walter de la Mare, Miss T

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@DarkScribe Yes, there were. Scroll up further.

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..mmmm food for thought.

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Food influences gene expressions. Yes, our epigenome also defines who we are.

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I hope not. Because… I LOVE PUSSY!

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A vagitarian?

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Too late you’re growing a tail.

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LOL Right!

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Well, that would explain why I’m such a dick…

There. Happy now? :P ;)

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@DominicX – Yikes! And, good for you? ;-)

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