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Do you make right turns on red?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) February 25th, 2010

don’t know if this is a big deal in rural areas, but these days big cities have “big brother” cameras at intersections. they snap your photo doing normal driving acts that turn out to be criminal.

you either suffer a ticket of about $100 in chicago or pay thru the nose with an accident because you wanted to stop at that red light and the driver behind you who saw “yellow” just kept on going.

do you abhor traffic cameras? what happened? are you mad at the system?

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Making right turns on red is perfectly legal as long as you come to a complete stop before you make the turn. UNLESS there is a sign that says you can’t.

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The details don’t really match the question. Yes, I make right turns on red and no, Idon’t abhor traffic cameras.

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on school days, you cannot make a right turn on red if kids are present. some people just dont turn anyway kids or not. it is my pet peeve.

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@charliecompany34 There is probably a sign that says “No right turn on red when children are present”

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@janbb you have to live in a big city to understand. in chicago, a traffic light camera will take a picture of you going thru a red light even if you fully stopped. then you get a ticket.

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@charliecompany34 Aha. We don’t have that situation here.

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@janbb where do you live?

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Suburban NJ.

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@janbb ooh cool. love the east. you guys are in a snow globe these days.

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Not only do I make right turns on red, but I make left turns on red.

I only drive through one major intersection (that I know of) that has cameras. I know which intersection that is, and I don’t run red lights on it.

which is to say, everywhere else I drive like a maniac!!! j/k

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I make right turns on red lights. Even if I have to go left.

You do understand, I am still in my car.

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@ChazMaz exactly. we do stuff in our cars all the time thinking that is our personal space, but it is slowly becoming un-private.

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Yes, I make right turns on red, after coming to a complete stop and checking traffic. As for the cameras at the intersections, I figure they are a necessary evil in today’s world. Someday that camera may be instrumental in helping me prove that the “other guy” really was at fault! Kudos.

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If I’m able. But I always stop before hand.

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I make right turns on red all the time, unless there is a “no turn on red” sign. Like @wundayatta – I also make left turns on red (legally, of course).

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In CA you can turn on red after coming to a full stop unless it is specifically noted otherwise.

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@Captain_Fantasy Those cameras will catch people who don’t stop. My adult grandson got caught turning on a red light without stopping. It was in the middle of the night, and there were no other cars on the road. It took a video, and the picture of him driving and turning without stopping was very clear. It cost him $400.00.

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Yup. That’s how the state generates revenue.

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Always. I own the road, you know.

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Oh, here we go!

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Yes. It’s legal in my state.

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It’s legal to make left hand turns, too, on red after stopping if you’re turning onto a one way street going that direction.

Anyway, I think the actual law varies from state to state. Yes, I make turns after stopping as long as there isn’t a sign. So far I haven’t been ticketed for doing it. I do effing hate cameras though.

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In Pennsylvania, it is legal to make a right turn on read. However, here in Pittsburgh, almost every intersection has big “No Turn on Red” signs. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

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I can even turn left on red here, if I’m turning from a one-way street onto another one way street.

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I turn right on read unless a sign specifically says I can’t. As far as traffic cams, I don’t dislike them. Since I usually obey traffic laws i don’t really care about the cams.

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In NYC it’s illegal. I hate those damn things.

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The reason the law was changed in all the states was to conserve gasoline and keep people and cars from waiting for the light to turn green, so a right turn could be accomplished. turning right on red is perfecftly legal as long as you come to a complete stop and there is not a sign posted that disallows the turn.

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Don’t assume this in NY. It’s not posted and it’s illegal in all 5 boros of NYC. You’ll just get a ticket in the mail with your photo or stopped by a cop.

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Yes I do.

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If I’m sure it’s legal, and after I have stopped.

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