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How vain is too vain?

Asked by SeventhSense (18904points) February 25th, 2010

I hate bad pictures of myself. Tonight I had to pose for a head shot at my gym. I swore I saw him chuckle after it was snapped. I couldn’t help but thinking it was goofy which I sloughed off with a “pretty dorky shot huh”? At which he only smiled. Now I’m convinced there’s a completely goofy head-shot which will pop up on the screen at the health club every time I scan in. In a previous health club I was able to glance at my photo and noticed I didn’t like it and got them to retake it. It won’t keep me up at night or anything but things like this are like a grain of sand in my shoe. Any identification with this or am I just completely whacked?

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When you think this song is about you.

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Well, you are whacked, but not because of this. :)
I am the same way. I had a horrible drivers license picture taken and they wouldn’t retake it. I waited about a month and went back and said I had lost my license so I could get a new pic. Is it vain? Maybe, but I think everyone likes to look their best in pictures.
Kind of along the same topic: I went to the gym last year on my birthday and when I swiped my card, the birthday song started playing. The guy grinned at me and yelled out happy birthday. I’m thinking, great, everyone in here knows what a loser I am because I am working out on my birthday and not partying or doing anything interesting.

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I went to a club one time and the bouncer said he wouldn’t let me in until I made the face that was on my license… so I! He peed his pants!
I think you should just leave it as is :)

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I think we may have the same disease…are the bank tellers sharing your transactions with each other after you leave the bank?
I know it’s stupid.

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Well duh..who else?

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@SeventhSense -It can’t be that bad.Let’s see it!!!:)

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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…ohhh.. never mind….
I don’t have it cause it’s mocking me from a foreign PC

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You do the Penn and Teller thing. Put a red dot on your nose in the photo. Carry a clown nose. When you hand them the ID, they look at the photo and see the red nose, look up at you, and see that you match.

Everyone laughs, they remember your name, you never have to show it again. And you become the funny guy.

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^It’s not an ID card. It’s just connected to my barcode and pops up on their PC.

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I think you’ll forget about it soon, no?

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@SeventhSense -If I still had that license photo,I’d blast you with it!LOL!

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Ya it’s more an annoyance than anything. Like I said it’s like a grain of sand. But then I get a whole bunch of grains and I’ve got a sandy shoe.
Hey maybe I can make a pearl

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It’s like typos. I can’t leave typos uncorrected.

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Are you really expecting glamour shots from some bozo at the gym with a digital camera?

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I’m not saying it makes sense

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I knew a girl during my sophomore year at uni who’d get mad at shows if we were in the front row and the rock star du jour didn’t give her the once over. As if she’d be all that to every “high-status” guitar-slinger passing through. That’s vain. “Sorry, hon, but Michael Stipe is gay! No amount of batting your lashes will work on him!”

Plus, she expected any guy talking to her at the pub to offer to buy her a drink when we were out. Sure, she was cute and all, but damn. I think she had me around because she thought I was unattractive enough to enhance her looks by comparison. I may not have believed myself to be all that good-looking, either, at the time, but I knew when I was being used. I wised up and stopped hanging out with her after a few months. Bitch.

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Is it vain, really, to want to look your best for pictures?

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The only pictures of me that look any good are when I don’t know about it. Posing makes it bad. I had an ex who would fiddle with the camera for so long I would have frozen face- lovely.

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Hi Paris you look…. well you know!

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Only when it reaches a narcissistic level. In this case, no.

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When it is a weather vain.

Insecurity is never a good thing. My opinion.

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