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My computer seems to be blocking my access to internet banking. It has been a few days now. Is this a virus?

Asked by zookeeny (883points) February 25th, 2010

My computer is very slow. I am sure there is a virus or something. I am going to save all my files and reboot my computer. My worry at the moment is that I cant fully access the internet. I cant access my bank accounts online and sometimes I cant access hotmail and other sites at random. Has someone been hacking my computer or is this a virus or something I can fix. I know I clicked on 2 links which I thought were connected to microsoft but realised too late that they probably werent and were some kind of pop ups which looked connected and legit.

Is there anything I can do to check what the problem might be before I need to get someone to look at it – and charge me a fortune!


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What does it say when you try to access your bank account? Can you post a screenshot or something maybe?

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I dont know how to do a screen shot – sounds flash! It says internet explorer cant access this website currently. It lists some reasons like the site is having problems (unlikley as it has been a few days and it is 2 seperate banks I have the accounts with). Suggests I log off then log back on internet – have done this many times but doesnt work.

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Try accessing from another computer, even a tele-cafe, but DON’T actually log on with your name and password etc., just see if the site is having problems or not. If you can get to the log on screen from another system then you can be sure that your system is the problem. Go to and download the free virus checker (Home system) and let it run. Avast is free, efficient and up-to-date with regard to virus and trojan definitions.

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Thank you I just tried to access that website but again computer says it cant. Why should you log o with name and passwords in internet cafes? Can and do people get your info this way to?

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@zookeeny Why should you log o with name and passwords in internet cafes? Can and do people get your info this way to?

Yes, there is a real risk when using public computers. They might have key-stroke logging software installed.

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Its working now. I am downloading it. Thanks for your help

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Its a shame you cant trust these awesome inventions! Internet and all that is great but it doesnt half frustrate us when it doesnt go to plan or when we cant be sure to trust people not to hack into our accounts etc. Its very sad and frustrating for the those of us who arent computer literate enough to know what to download and what to be warey of etc.

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@DarkScribe Personally, I don’t even access my bank from my laptop at home despite having WPA2 enabled, and definitely not from a public computer or a shared wifi hotspot, but I guess I’m just a little more paranoid than many.

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