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How do i add links in the answers?

Asked by sonyabose (5points) February 25th, 2010

I am trying for the past one hour but i am not able to find an answer

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You can just post the link and it will add the tags needed for it to be displayed as a link.

If you want other text that points to a link you can do this.

Unfortunatly I have to link to another site since posting the code will result in the link and not the actual code.

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In case @johnpowell‘s answer doesn’t clear it up for you:

Type this:

” linkwords ” : url address you want to link to

but, remove all the spaces. So, if you want to link to Google, it would be ” Google ” :, and once you remove the spaces between the quotation marks, colon, and url address it would become Google.

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