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Why are some criminals really stupid?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) February 26th, 2010

Burglar alarm goes off on a drugstore. i am close-by and respond. i am first on the scene. i first noticed the stores two front doors slightly open. i see activity inside. i open the stores front door and apprehend a male stealing narcotics from the pharmacy. i order him from behind the counter with his hands up. i notice a pair of socks on his hands. one sock has a big hole in it, around the fingertips area. he is arrested. suspects fingerprints are located on many items in the narcotics area of the pharmacy. he pleads guilty in court and sentenced 5 to 10 years. my question is this: out of all the socks this man owned, why did he pick a pair that had holes in them? surely, he could not have been that stupid! i asked him this question and he stated “i was in a hurry and grabbed two socks in the dark”. was this burglar really that dumb or was he just not thinking clearly?

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Because they’re criminals.Beautifully simple,what goes around comes around.

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You probably don’t encounter a lot of the smart ones. I’m willing to bet you have never met the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

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Stupid is what leads to criminal acts. Not vice versa.

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Don’t get me wrong, i have arrested some pretty big wheels in white collar crimes. stupidity comes in all colors of the collars, blue and white.

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There are stupid people in all professions. Even teachers, doctors, lawyers and especially cops.

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“and apprehend a male stealing narcotics from the pharmacy.”

Nuff said?!

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I would like to vote against what @evandad said. It was uncalled-for in my opinion, plus I believe it is deeply untrue.

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@susanc I think evandad is right for the most part, but the ‘especially’ is not. I suspect the proportion of stupid is evenly distributed throughout the spectrum of vocations.

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@ucme “Because they’re criminals.” That’s exactly what I was going to say.

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@erichw1504 From this day forth you shall be known as erich echo

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@ucme Hmm, that’s pretty catchy. I like.

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@erichw1504 Happy to oblige.

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Holes for his fingers??? I would think he wanted a sense of touch but forgot he was leaving prints all over.

Sounds like one of his off days!

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The question was…

Why are SOME criminals really stupid?

Plenty are VERY smart.

And, they only become criminals when discovered or caught. Otherwise they are Mothers, Fathers, Priests, and world leaders.

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Because if he was smart he’d have known that wasn’t going to work.

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@susanc Actually, @evandad was 100% accurate. You shouldn’t let your indoctrination impede your reason. Especially cops, of course, is an understatement. They are, for the most part, morons.

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@ChazMaz So, if no one noticed that I stole the Mona Lisa from it’s museum and was never caught, I would not be a criminal?

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@stump: good correction. Lurve.
@davidbetterman: Go live in Zimbabwe for a week (my usual recommendation to people who believe everything in
the United States is unfair to them).

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How could you be? If no one knew, how could you be accused? To be criminal is to be accused of one.
Unless you considered yourself one for doing it. A good thief like that would look at themselves as a business man.

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@susanc You go live elsewhere, dear. It will not change the fact the police in the US are morons. Case in point, LAPD Rampart division in the 80s. One cop was busted trying to steal heroin from the evidence locker. He made a deal to bet the rap.
He snitched out a whole group of cops guilty of murder for hire.

Gee, just like in Zimbabwe.

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Well, what were his motives? Maybe, if he was stealing narcotics, he was hard up and just didn’t think. There could be many reasons as to why some are lame, especially if they’re not professional criminals.

But yeah, I guess the more clever criminals are still out there. >_>

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There was a guy caught head down in a chimney of the house he was going to rob just before xmzs one year. The couple said they didn’t notice him when they came home from the party they had been at and called police in the morning. The burglar said they did see him but left him there for a couple of hours.

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I heard of this one dude who robbed a store or something and made off in his car, but the cops were chasing him. So, not only did he turn his car right into the parking lot of a police station, but when he realized what he did, he took a marker, drew a mustache on his face, and walked out of the car pretending that nothing happened.
Cops were not fooled.

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@faye ; they should have lighted some incense to scent him…

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I have actually heard that many of the criminals who get caught actually have a third sex chromosome. Many of these men are XYY. According to this article, 42% of men with the second Y chromosome are more prone to aggressive behavior as opposed to 9% of regular males.

One of my professors a psychology professor also told our class that these men tend to get caught more than men with only one Y chromosome who commit crimes.

Hope this helps. :)

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If they weren’t stupid, they wouldn’t be committing crimes.

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I love the stories about stupid criminals. Not long ago someone robbed a bank here and left his wallet on the teller’s counter.

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