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How can I check my email from an Amtrak train?

Asked by moon_under_water (37points) February 26th, 2010

I don’t have a smart phone, and I know there’s no wireless access on Amtrak at the moment – is there a way to purchase a roaming wireless signal that I can take with me? I’ll be on the train for 24 hours, it would be so helpful to be able to do this.

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Yes. Look around for a “Mi-Fi”.

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Oh, good!

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@moon_under_water I always have a mobile phone that I check it with, but on Amtrak, which I travel very frequently (hate flying) I have to tell you I’ve had long drawn out blank spots where there was no signal. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere cornfield land, there’s just nothing. You won’t be using a phone you say, however, this device you linked to says “Services good within the United States only and where the Sprint network is available.” so it uses the sprint network. ” So it uses the same cell towers.

I had the worst time finding a connection with sprint. Once went 200 miles without getting one, but that was a long time ago. I switched from sprint because at the time, I was constantly being reamed for roaming charges. I’m sure they have more coverage now, and perhaps better plans involving roaming, than they did years ago. That was a long time ago. Still, I would check the coverage area of Sprint currently, compare it to your travel area, and also inquire about “roaming” just to be certain.

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thanks – there’s also a verizon one, more expensive:
and this one i’m investigating (just for others who might have the same question):

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MiFi only works if there is cellular signal. If you happen to be travelling through an area that has no cell signal, then you’ll be SOL. . . . but the bright side is that it wouldn’t be long before you get back to an area with coverage.

Some cellphones have the capability of acting as a modem for your laptop, you just need to add a basic data plan to your cellphone service, abt $10–15/month and you can take it off if you need it anymore.

Personally, I have used Sprint and T-mobile to tether my Motorola phones to a laptop. The speed is slow if you try to browse but it does the job for checking email using a POP client .

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