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I'm getting a shit load of server errors, are you?

Asked by ucme (49632points) February 26th, 2010

For the past hour I keep getting this screenshot of a guy with a bandaged eye.Oops server error.

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Yes, the questions for you isn’t working.

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Me too. It says “Server error! Yeah!”

That’s just when trying to hit the main page though.

But yeah it happens, damn intertnetz.

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Mine is when I hit home!

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Nope. Are you using IE?

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Yes, although not everyone is seeing it but we’re on it. Should be fixed shortly…

Also “this bandaged guy” is @andrew…

If you see an error feel free to email us so we know and can fix it more quickly!

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@davidbetterman Yup.It seems to have corrected itself for the time being at least.Never happened before.

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No, I’ve had no problems at all. guess I must lead a charmed life

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Tim knows, he says they are working on it was we speak.

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I get re-directed to Dairy Queen.

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Yes, @timtrueman said so 3 responses above you.

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It looks like we’ve fixed it. Let us know if you see any errors from this point forward.

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It was an old, old old user that came back and had spaces in their username. We fixed it.

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Spaces in the usernames? Bastards.

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Can’t help thinking the “bandage guy” looks a little too happy .Maybe he should adopt a more suitable pose considering.Perhaps an exaggerated glum expression with the thumbs down would be in order.

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@timtrueman Will do. Cheers. @andrew Jolly good show. Thanks.

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@ChazMaz LOLLL..if you’re taking orders, let me know.

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