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Is there a service that allows you to embed an audio file in a blog to allow your readers to listen while reading your post?

Asked by maudie (363points) February 26th, 2010

You know, something like Lala, except you don’t have to make your users log into anything to play the song just once.

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Personally I think you should always give your readers choice. Nothing can annoy me more or get me to click OFF a page faster than unwanted music that I can’t see quickly how to turn off.

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Oh, sorry, I should have been clearer: I meant that I want users to be able to play the music file themselves, not that I want music streaming from the page.

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If you’re posting a song just for the sake of posting a song, then you’re being stupid. People can pick their own reading music.

If the song has a purpose obvious in the post then just host the MP3 somewhere and put the player in there.

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you don’t have to call her stupid

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You could use Tumblr. It will allow you to post one song per day. The thing is you can dig through the html and find the code to embed it in your own site.

I did it here to test it. And it does work.

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@johnpowell That’s closer to what I’m looking for. As some of the previous posters have guessed, I’m interested in posting a song with an obvious purpose in my post (as some people post photos and comment on them with a blog post, I have a few songs I want to comment on in a blog post). I know services like Lala allow users to play a song they don’t own once for free, so I’m interested in something like that, so my readers don’t have to go offsite to hear the music I’m discussing in my post.

I do use Tumblr (maudieshah), and I am planning to use the embed audio feature that’s already there if it can do what I want it to do. I just don’t want to embed an mp3 that I own, in case that presents some copyright violation. If I can use a service that’s handling the copyright issues by preventing users from listening to the song over and over again, that would be key.

So, thanks everyone who’s posted so far, but I think I still don’t quite have my answer. Anyone else?

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