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Do any of you women out there take Nuva Ring instead of the pill?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) February 26th, 2010

I have been on Nuva Ring for years and have had no issues… until now.

Over the summer, the ring fell out during sex… I didn’t know until I went to take it out like 2 weeks later and it was missing (my ex later found it under his bed). Now, in the past week, it has fallen out twice while having sex (and I’m not talking anything rough or crazy). The first time, I realized and put it back in (I know it’s okay for it to be up for up to 3 hours at a time) but yesterday, it apparently fell out and I didn’t find it until this morning. Naturally, I was a little concerned about getting pregnant, but now I am confused as to why this is happening (of course my doctor didn’t want to offer much advice over the phone).

Have any of you had this experience? Any advice?

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From here:

NuvaRing® may slip out when removing a tampon, straining during a bowel movement, or having intercourse. If NuvaRing® does slip out, follow these directions.

Note: Women with conditions affecting the vagina, such as a prolapsed (dropped) uterus, may be more likely to have NuvaRing® slip out. If NuvaRing® slips out repeatedly, please consult your doctor.

Since NuvaRing.Com is telling you to see your doctor if this keeps happening, it sounds like fine advice to me. :) If they didn’t want to tell much over the phone, perhaps it’s necessary to make an actual appointment – they may have been busy, or want to talk more in depth than the phone call would allow.

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@laureth : thanks… i’ve read that before. i recently moved and called my old doctor, because of the snow in NY i spoke with the dr on call and so she was just being a grumpstein. but i’m going to keep an eye on it for a while and def see a doctor. thanks for all that info.

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I prescribe nuvaring and it’s unusual for it to suddenly and repeatedly start slipping out when it hasn’t been a problem before. Have you been having problems with constipation recently, where BMs have been rocky and you’ve been straining to pass them? If you were my patient, I’d probably advise checking the ring’s position before intercourse for awhile and starting to do lots of Kegel exercises . You want to try for 50–60 a day. It helps improve vaginal tone after 6–8 weeks.

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@MagsRags : i thought it seemed weird… it’s only slipping out when i have sex, i feel like he somehow pulls it out of me (it was on him the other day…). so maybe checking the position of the ring is a good idea. also, no, no odd BMs lately. Kegel exercises sound like they could be a good idea, i’ll look into it.
thank you so much for your input!

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Don’t do it. If you get a bad reaction to this piece of junk, you will be ever so sorry.

Why would you insert junk into your body?

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@davidbetterman : i’ve been on nuvaring for years and haven’t had any problems! either way, too late!!

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Lucky you. My friend was hit hard by severe pain and cramps and pain and cramps and had to have the thing removed.
Not all women get this allergic reaction, but for those who do…OWWWWWWIE!

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@davidbetterman: i think you may be thinking of something else… like something that is inserted by a doctor (i can’t think of what they’re called)

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I never had a problem with it falling out during sex, but it made me psychotic and emotional. After a week I had to take it out.

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@davidbetterman you’re thinking of the IUD, like Paragard or Mirena. There’s no perfect method for everyone, but IUDs can be an excellent method for women, as can nuvaring. It’s great that women have a variety of methods to choose from.

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My wife had a clot (PE) while on the Nuvaring. Just and FYI.

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