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Does anyone Freeboard?

Asked by ShiningToast (2106points) February 26th, 2010

I just stumbled across this site, and this looks fantastic. I love riding my longboard to get from Point A to Point B, and “freeboarding” looks like quite a bit of fun. I guess there are two central wheels on swivels under the trucks, and it allows you to pivot and spin the board around like you are on snow.

Anyone familiar with this? Any tips or hints? Tell me what you think.


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Have you ever snowboarded before? The site seems to compare riding the board to snowboarding.

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@Fred931 I haven’t, I live in southern California and snow is hard to come by. I’m fairly decent at longboarding, and I think I should be able to get the hang of this.

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Good point. considering I have never skateboarded before but managed to pick up the Ripstick in about 30 minutes enough to go down an entire street.

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@Fred931 Those Ripsticks can be tricky suckers :). Ate floor on my first try.

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everyone eats floor when first trying that thing.

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@ShiningToast I like your name and avatar.Definitely original to me and awesome. It makes me think I am un-original in my name/avatar combination and casts doubt on my opinion of myself as a creative artist of sorts.

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@MrBr00ks Thanks dude :). Maybe names aren’t your forte, I wouldn’t give up.

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I skate boarded, once in my garage. I still have the mark. I thought freeboard was the amount of keel above the water line.

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