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Advice on traveling on the trans-siberian railway?

Asked by moon_under_water (37points) February 26th, 2010

I’m starting to look into this, bought the Lonely Planet guide, and am excited and intimidated at the same time. Would be looking to travel from mid-July to mid-August. Has anyone taken this trip? Any advice? Best places to stop? Words of wisdom? Generic travel information not helpful, but thanks for reading…

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It’s best for traveling across Siberia.

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Check on how many times they have booked the same seat. If it is more than once – I wouldn’t get on the train. Siberia has a long history of “disappearing” people.

Seriously, it should be a great experience – it is one that I have not done but often thought about. I have a close friend (a cardio specialist) who was born in Siberia and still practices there. She could easily move and doesn’t so it must have some appeal. One day maybe I’ll make the trip.

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Seen the film Horror Express? ;-)

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There was a very interesting two part article in The New Yorker last summer. The writer went across Siberia and talked about the experience and the history. One thing I remember was that there were a lot of mosquitos. Great article – get hold of the two issues if you can.

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I’m jealous

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Take a sweater.

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I hear the weather is much like where I grew, central Alaska. Is this true? If so, it’ll be pleanty warm, although if you are from Florida or Arizona, not so much.

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The trains are really shit.

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Lots of jocular remarks here.
No, haven’t done it, but there are three interesting-looking
sites if you google “Trans-Siberian” that report on personal experience.
The one thing I remember from other people’s stories is that you need
reading material – it’s a long trip, and unless you know the language you
can’t really chat.
Have a fabulous time!

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I am not a jock.

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A joker.

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i think the ‘jock’ comment was intended to be meta-jocular….

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