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Do you like or dislike the "hair over one eye" look?

Asked by ArtiqueFox (974points) February 26th, 2010

That hair style where the bangs are arranged over one eye….do you like it or abhor it? Why (on either)?

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A lot of emos do this and yeah, it can be annoying.
But sometimes it’s pretty and glamorous.

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Depends on the person and their face and the hair color.

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Not a big fan. I keep thinking they lost a barret.

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I liked it when Veronica Lake did it.

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When emo people do it, it typically looks better on a guy.

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Yeah I don’t really like it. It looks like you’re either trying to hide behind your hair, or be all “mysterious” and goth. So I’d have to say no.

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I am not a particular fan of it, but it does have sort of a loathing appeal to it.

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@dpworkin Yes! I fell in love with that look the first time I saw Veronica Lake. She wasn’t much of an actress, but she was gorgeous. And I have loved that look ever since.

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Don’t really like it, no. Seeing both eyes is very attractive to me, part of the reason I really prefer short hair on a guy.

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i dislike floppy teenagers.

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::looks at avatar::

arnbev959's avatar

::looks at rangerr’s avatar::

Oh, like that ^?

It’s absolutely gorgeous, completely stunning, magnificently beautiful.

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I don’t like it, especially on men.

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My hair is usually over one eye, just because my bangs are too long and need to be cut (getting a haircut tomorrow!). Everyone always tells me “get your hair out of your face!” but it looks weird if it’s not, the way my bangs are cut.

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Oh, I so hate it. And the constant head twitching to flick it off their face!! My youngest daughter!

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It’s the sort of hairstyle that doesn’t really stay in place by accident. You have to purposely place your hair in front of your eye and make it stay there, because it’s instinctive to brush your hair away from your eye so you can see. To me, that hairstyle looks a little “done,” but it is cute.

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floppy, listless teenagers should be sent to Palestine
floppy teenagers should get Real

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Really, really dislike.

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To be honest I really hate it.

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It looks stupid! Get your hair out of your face!

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I’m not really fond of it.

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I’m with the Veronica Lake crowd. I think it can look really sexy on the right person.

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Dislike. It makes me feel like I’m dating a 12 year-old. But to each his own.

On a less personal basis…. dislike. Reminds me of those reflexive body responses where someone covers/squints their eyes when they’re lying or don’t like something. Except people with hair in their eye are doing it perpetually.

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I like the Jessica Rabbit look. I doo not like the emo look. Like @Simone_De_Beauvoir said it realy does depend on the person and, for me, what style they are trying to pull off.

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I think it’s awesome but only if the person can carry it well. Most people have to tilt their heads to keep the style which makes them look like emo marionettes. It can look glamorous on the right person. But that’s the way it is with hair. It never works for everyone.

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It is ok on some people, if they like having that, but this might be my only chance to exist with vision, so I don’t want to go wasting it but smothering one of my eyes with a ton of my vile hair… =)

i don’t think it would work with dreads anyway

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Just got my hair cut today! (: My hair is still over one eye, but a lot less so. ;)

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I’m going to make sure my hair is over one eye in every avatar I have from now on. Just because of this thread. Such a rebel.

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@rangerr…. nooooooo. liar. 12 year old. liar. i bet you don’t like something.

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@rangerr: Please ignore that. I made the mistake of leaving Fluther open last night and apparently someone decided I would be percieved as more clever if they posted an answer based on my last answer. If we could get that nonsense deleted, that would be great.

Sorry about any confusion.

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On the right person I think it looks rather cute.

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I got myself a new hair do yesterday and I admit, there is a bit of hair-over-one-eye action going on. I love it!

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