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Do bees have knees?

Asked by LunaChick (1376points) February 26th, 2010

A Geico commercial just came on and the phrase “the bees knees” was mentioned. It made me curious – do bees actually have knees?

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Yep. All arthropods have jointed appendages.

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Thanks – I know it was probably a stupid question, but like I said, I was just curious.

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It was a great question, and I’ll use the rhyme when teaching the little kids.


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My grandma always says that things are “the bees knees.” I think this is an old expression that means, “that’s awesome!”

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The intent of the geico commercial is to poke fun at the older man for using an antiquated expression, “The bees knees,’ used during the 1920’s to indicate something of superlative quality. Just in case you didn’t know the term. Also, “the cat’s meow,” other animal-related idoms of the day to indicate excellence. So, someone using the term, “the bees knees” today would be considered and old fuddy-duddy.

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Bees have knees though I don’t know what makes
bees knees so much more awesome than human knees. I know that from an evolutionary standpoint my knees rock the

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@Haleth and @Dilettante Must have been writing at the same time. Though I had heard the expression before, I didn’t know it’s meaning. This is great!

I love fluther!

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they do on occasion have Jubilees too.

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This phrase is still in use ove here in the UK. We also use the slightly more vulgar phrase “dogs bollocks” and I once worked for a guy who got his metaphors mixed up and said that something was going to be so good it would be the “bees bollocks”! Cue much mirth and possibly the next Fluther question.
@mammal – they would obviously need regular jubilees having such an important queen!

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I love using antiquated expressions. I think they’re groovy and tend to make people pause.

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Yes, and my cat wears pajamas ;)

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It just occurred to me that the Brits might not know what we Yanks are talking about re “The Geico Commercial.” Geico is a large auto insurance company here. They’ve been running a TV advert featuring a cute talking gecko (the lizard, a play on words of geico) to whom, for some reason, they decided to give a British accent. Then, using the basic premise of all US advertising firms: “The average IQ of Americans is 65,” they pound it into our brains, relentlessly, for months and months, every channel, deliberately making the adverts LOUDER than the actual show (I swear this is true—a “Big Brother” thing—they probably have video cameras on us as well), until every single human being in the US over the age of three knows who and what Geico is.
What they fail to realize it that we are so offended by this tactic, those of us with IQ’s above 65, that we would never, EVER buy their product. And that’s how our system works, see?

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@Dilettante Thanks for the explanation. I was a little curious.

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They must have some, then were did they get the saying “it’s the bees knees?”

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@Cheeseball451 I guess cats have pajamas?

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