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The second coming of the monday night wars, is TNA doomed to be the new WCW?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) February 27th, 2010

Anyone who knows about professional wrestling knows that there was a period of time when the WWF (now the WWE) was battling WCW for ratings. Obviously WWF came out the victor for a handful of reasons, and WCW faded into the sunset. Now I didn’t watch WCW because I wasn’t interested or even introduced to professional wrestling at the time so I don’t lose sleep over the fact that it’s gone. But now TNA is going to move from their Thursday night slot to Monday nights (starting march 8th) at the same time as WWE’s RAW. Though TNA is no WWE I do actually enjoy the brand, the wrestlers, and the subtle differences from the WWE. So I’m wondering is this brand suicide? Has TNA sealed it’s fate by going up against the juggernaut that is WWE? Is there any chance TNA will be able to hold it’s own against them / what separates them from WCW?

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No. TNA is cramming an almost 60 year old barely mobile Hulk Hogan down fans throats. It’s not 1985, no one cares about Hogan anymore. And lets not forget the 50 year old, lazy as hell Kevin Nash, who is not only a terrible wrestler but an absolute piece of shit human being (read Ring of Hell). WWE has two things going for it :everyone in the main event scene is under 50, and brand loyalty. People who have been watching WWE since they were kids are not going to leave it any time soon. In short, I can see TNA developing enough of a niche market to go up against WWE and survive, but I don’t see them overtaking WWE anytime soon.

As a side note, nice to see another wrestling fan on Fluther. A lot of the smug types here don’t seem to understand that yes, we know it’s “fake” but we enjoy due to suspension of disbelief, the same thing anyone uses when watching tv or movies. Anyway, good topic.

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I think Vince secretly owns TNA, he’s like an evil genius. So eventually, he’ll merge the brands again.
Look at Christian, Jeff Hardy and a few divas. They keep leaving and coming back.

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@syzygy2600 I like to think of it as a soap opera . . .except there’s a bit more punching and ladders involved. And yes hulk hogan is a bit passe especially when you see him in rentacenter commercials in between TNA. Though the fact that they’re shoving ric flair down my throat is a worse travesty to me, he’s older creepily sweatier and apparently is actually going to wrestle again. TNA is going a bit overboard with buying up WWE talent.

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@PhillyCheese I think they keep leaving and coming back because they prefer being on WWE but they keep getting suspended for one reason or another or they don’t feel they’re getting paid enough so they’ll flip-flop from WWE to TNA till they can get what they want.

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