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Could the Care Bears defeat the Incredible Hulk?

Asked by phoenyx (7385points) March 4th, 2008

The Incredible Hulk doesn’t seem to have any limit to how strong he can become. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. He is highly resistant to physical attacks, mental (psychic) attacks, diseases and poisons. However, consider a beam of pure love and happiness: the Care Bear Stare. It could be done from range and once they lock on it seems to be unavoidable.

(also, I’m curious what kind of ads google comes up with for this question)

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Wow. Simply…wow. Nominated for Best Question on Fluther.

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Wow. Simply… wow. Nominated for Gayest Question on Fluther.

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I gave you great question because this made me laugh out loud.

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care bears because they’d kill him with kindness.

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@phoenyx, I think you’re onto something. Hulk feeds off anger, so when faced with pure sweetness and light, he’s likely to shrivel back into the mild mannered professor guy (Bill Bixby, if you were watching the old 70s version, like I did as a kid!). Of course, if he managed to squash a couple of them before their love got the best of him, they’d all run away like the pantywaists they are.

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Yeah – Care Bears for the win. Because their overripened cuteness, cuddliness & overall sugar alcohol level would send the Hulk into a diabetic coma from which he would never recover.
Care BEars = evil wrapped in a sweet, sugary coating.

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the hulk would eat them

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they wouldn’t fight, they would make green bear cubs

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Not sure about the Care Bears, but I reckon the Woodland Critters could finish him off.

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Care Bears, there are a ton of them especially when all the care bear cousins are around, they would be like a army of care and love. lol

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I’d loan my driver to the Hulk and he could pound all those bears into next month.

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Neither a Care Bear nor Hulk could defeat me.

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