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Are female figure skaters discouraged from getting visible tattoos?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) February 27th, 2010

Visibly tattooed figure skaters are seldom seem.
Is there a stigma against it?

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I doubt that they are.

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Makeup could easily cover up anything that was otherwise objectionable. But since most female figure skaters approach that as a dream since they’re very young—like Ballet dancers, they tend to avoid anything that’ll affect their chances.

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Yes.I found that out AFTER I got the tattoo of the Zamboni on my @$$.

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That’s Canadian hot.

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I think the world in general isn’t ready for it. But I love tattoos and I’ve seem some amazing and tasteful ones on men and women. Personally I’m all for it, but people are judgmental as craps…

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@lucillelucillelucille funny girl! :)

@Captain_Fantasy You’re irritating.

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That’s helpful.

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Ha. Whatever “Captain Fantasy”..

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Now’s a good time for you to stop whatever you’re on about.

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Actually I’ve never noticed any tattoos on a figure skater before. This question made me think of a new idea:

You know how figure skaters’ costumes often have skin-colored material to give the illusion that their outfits are skimpier than they really are…. well I think it would be pretty damn awesome to have a leotard that is the same color of your skin, but with patterns printed all over it that look like tattoos. So that you look like your body is totally tattooed and you’re competing naked.

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No more than the general stigma against “tramp stamps”. Some people like them, most appear not to or more women would have them.

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They always seem to be wearing those skin tight flesh-coloured whatchamacallits that would cover up any tats.

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