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Do you tend to skip questions that already have dozens of answers?

Asked by Parrappa (2428points) February 27th, 2010

When you see a question you want to answer, but you also see it has a lot of answers like 15–25, do you tend to avoid it? Why?

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I don’t. If I think I can answer, then I will, regardless of how many answers there already are.
Granted I usually read most of it before answering, so sometimes I might refrain from replying if I see answers similar to what I was gonna write.

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Yes. How many times can one answer “Does he like me…..?” before we come full circle?

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Sometimes I do depending on the question. If it’s a factual question I will have figured it has already been answered so I’ll skip it. If it’s more like a poll or a show of hands, I may chime in depending on how much I had to drink that night.

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Sometimes but not always. I almost skipped this question with its half dozen answers already here but I felt compelled to leave my mark anyway.

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It really depends on the question. Although, I myself wouldn’t consider “15–25” answers a lot. Usually If the topic is interesting enough and has lets say a minimum of about 30 answers, I’ll probably read it. If it’s like what @phillis said, I probably wouldn’t even click on it to begin with, lol. Some of the redundancy of those types of questions is hair wrenching.

There have been questions I’ve found profound with close to 50+ answers that I’ve read through, just because the topic was so intriguing. Sometimes I don’t even post, in those kind of topics, but I will click follow. Like I said, it really depends on the topic at hand.

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I just go by the question.

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Not if I have a good (modestly said) answer.

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If I feel I have a unique contribution to make, then I won’t.

If it is a question many flutherites can answer well, then I will skip it.

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If there’s an interesting discussion going on, then I answer. Unless there’s 50+.

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No; I never look at that.

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No. I think it makes it more interesting to read everyone’s answers. I enjoy it.

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Nah the more answers the more I learn! I am cataloging all the ways to get up the courage to ask a girl out so when my 13 yr old asks me I will be all set to give him all the best tips possible!! Keep em coming people!!

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I ask because I feel like after all those answers I won’t be heard all the way down the list.

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I do, unless I’m really interested in answering the question. I almost always read all the answers before me to make sure no one else has said what I want to say. Unless it’s a personal experience question, in which case, since I’m the only one with my experiences, I don’t have to read what comes before. Like this question.

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I was going to skip this one but it just made the under 15 answers quota.

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I’ll skip a question if it has more than fifty responses because chances are it’s either two people having a conversation or people arguing. It truly depends on the question most of the time.

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Already too many for me.

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Sometimes, because I do not like commenting without seeing what has been already said, and reading long discussions takes a lot of time. (Sometimes I answer without reading it all, too.)

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Almost skipped this one for it lol… it’s probably because I’m such a lazy reader! Sometimes I even tend to skip some questions when the description is too long :) Reading makes my wittow eyes tired! :O

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I’m back again! Not only do I not skip questions with a lot of answers in them, when I see that even more people have responded I obsessively come back to read all the new answers added too. I actually love reading the answers. If I didn’t, I doubt I’d be here. If nobody cared to read other people’s answers, I doubt they’d answer. Isn’t that the enjoyable part of the site?

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I sometimes avoid questions that have over 40 answers but most of the time I will check them to make sure that someone has already said what I wanted to say before I move on.

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If it is something I think I can contribute to, then I will answer it. The number of answers isn’t relevant to me.

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Yes I do. There’s 23 answers here now. I just feel that when there’s a lot of answers, what could I say that anyone would pay any attention to me? I’d just be lost in the sea of posts. It depends on what the question is, of course, but I won’t post if there’s tons of answers.

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sometimes and this doesn’t apply to this question…

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I think I’ll just skip this question…

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Yes because I don’t feel like reading through all the answers. Plus, it feels like I’m coming in on the end of a conversation.

Like now.

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