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In the Olympics bobsleding, why do some drivers at the start shack have a bag over their helmet until the moment they start the push?

Asked by kelly (1908points) February 27th, 2010

A few have them, most do not. Does not seem it is for warmth.
PS the USA 4 man is on their fourth run———- I won’t say because some Flutterites are in earlier time zones.

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Avoiding the girl from last night?

Probably to keep visors clear – stop fogging.

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Because it helps avoid loss of body heat?

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Because someone is playing a practical joke on them?

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It probably keeps their visor warm so that condensation does not materialize and make it more difficult for them to navigate the sled.

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I don’t know the answer but it’s bobsleighing.

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@faye_ I don’t know the answer but it’s bobsleighing.

Nowadays it is more likely yo be “Bob slaying”. Particularly if he is a disgruntled schoolkid.

(Has it ever occurred to anybody that there must be a huge source of used gruntles somewhere?)

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It has been long recognised by scientists that Bobsleighing is synonymous with crippling self-esteem issues on the part of the participating athletes. That or it has some rational technical purpose; i’d say both are equally possible.

@faye I’d heard that both terms were acceptable

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Those aren’t bags. They’re actually mobile private meditation chambers. They’re getting focussed.

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They might also keep drifting snow from sticking to their helmets, which could cause drag.

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