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Could Fluther benefit from a forum?

Asked by Arp (3516points) February 27th, 2010

Just interested in your opinions 0_0

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Considering how much of Fluther is already similar to a forum system this would be a bit redundant.

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You mean.. this isn’t a forum? That’s what I have been calling it all this time.

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@gggritso But couldn’t it redirect some of the useless posts? You know, ones that aren’t exactly considered questions… You know, kinda like an off topic section :\

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Or you could, you know, moderate the useless questions because they have no use. If you add a forum, you’ll still have moderators moving stuff around, and confusing the issue. One of the greatest things about Fluther is its predictable behaviour.

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I know! Maybe Fluther could be a web site!

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Just because they aren’t questions doesn’t make them useless, exactly… They just dont belong in the “Asking” part.

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Well, in all seriousness, this is a Question and Answer site. What kind of threads are you talking about that aren’t questions but still belong on the site? .

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Quit while you’re behind.

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Okey Dokey, Zen :) Just throwin’ the idea out there

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Not completely thought through, eh?

But it’s tough to ask good questions. I’m fresh out of ‘em too.

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I have seen a lot of questions that are simply soap-box (forum like) comments designed to engage discussion with the group. It’s just a matter of wording them correctly.

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Find what you’re looking for in the Meta section.

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But couldn’t it redirect some of the useless posts?
Do you mean, like this question?

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There’s the chatroom which I never go to; maybe that’s where you want to redirect comments. Or you could always pm them to @dpworkin.

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If we had a forum perhaps funny things might happen on the way to it.

Okay. Now I’m just reaching.

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@AstroChuck Girlie, you’re trying too hard. Maybe you should take off the horns and tail?

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Much better, sweetie.

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Thanks, guy.

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Wanna come with me to the prom? Or would that be robbing the cradle?

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When you ask a question, you choose if it a problem or discussion, but I don’t see the use of that choice at all :-/

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