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Will we ever run out of questions?

Asked by Arp (3516points) February 27th, 2010

It’s tough to ask good questions. I’m fresh out of ‘em too. -ZenAgain

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I question your inability to question.

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This question has already been asked this week.

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Maybe you should read Chomsky on Generative Grammar.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Guess I am just in a question askin’ mood :P

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No, but as time goes on, I’m finding we’re asking a lot of questions that have already been addressed.

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Sure, when we’re dead.

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I have many questions in my mind but I fear they will be considered unworthy so I don’t ask them.

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@cheebdragon We, as in a collective Fluther? 0_o

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I’m old. What is 0_o?

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It’s that look of dumbfoundedness, wonder, curiosity or question.

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Yes. Probably next Thursday. Or never, which ever comes last.

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Not at all. I have 19,423,168 left, and there is rarely an answer that does not spawn another question, so that number continues to grow. I’m sure it’s a great relief to my long-suffering family that I have the decency to bring some of them here.

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There will always be good questions. We just need to do our best to provide good answers.

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@Vunessuh Also known as “wtf”. :D

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Not as long as I’m here! :)

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I have a feeling we never will. Jellies are just naturally inquisitive by nature and there are too many unknowns out there not to be missing out on asking about them. If you want answers, you’re not going to get any better ones than what you’ll find on Fluther.

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Good question.

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@rangerr is right. This was asked before
Guess we’re done.

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@filmfann O, the irony!

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Maybe you’re having a writing/question asking block. And at one time, all of those questions that were blocked will come flowing out of your head and you’ll only run out again when you have another block.

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If you punch an aardvark in the face, will 37 stars actually blow up?

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Not as long as I’m here. Daloon, too.


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Nope we never seem to run out of quetions as we are always wondering when and how things are going to happen e.g “when is the world going to end?” “how did we become who we are?”.
There are loads of questions to be answered but some we don’t know the answers to so we ask other people.
() _()
(’ .. ’)
( ll ll )
(”)_(”) P.S does this look like a bunny rabbit to you.

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