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Is my microwave oven getting ready to die?

Asked by victord66 (201points) February 28th, 2010

Just in the past two days when I microwave something there is an occasional bright flash and a buzzing inside the oven and then a strange burning smell. The oven is about 15 years old and I have kept it clean inside and out. It still seems to cook things but is it dangerous to use it like this and should I replace it?

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You know the answer to this one. Burning is bad. It is time to replace it. Sorry.

OTOH, You can do a lot of experiments – outside, please – before you throw it away.
Nuke a CD by putting it on top of an empty coffee mug . 5–8 seconds on high It’s a riot.
Loosely wad up a sheet of aluminum foil and give it 10 seconds. Awesome.
Try 3 raw eggs on a plate for 2 minutes – high. Disgusting.
You’ll never get a better chance to try these tricks.

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You should replace it for the simple fact that it will be a lot cheaper to run. They are super cheap and a lot more energy efficient now.

And yes, it is dangerous to use it as it is.

Replacing it is a no-brainer.

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It sounds as though you have something metallic in it or the utensil that you are using to cook things in it. A Magnetron will not normally fail and recover by itself.

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Thanks DarkScribe but I’m just using it normally, no metallic items at all.

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15 years? No, no, no! Throw it out immediately! Microwaves should be kept for no longer than 2–3 years because the original coating and lining that keeps the micro-waves inside degenerate. This means that micro-waves are leaking! and possibly entering your body which leaves you at risk of cancer!
Sorry to scare you but it’s true!

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@strawberrypomme Microwaves should be kept for no longer than 2–3 years because the original coating and lining that keeps the micro-waves inside degenerate.

What a lot of total uninformed nonsense. Why do you make such a ridiculous claim? There is no coating, it is a metal barrier that contains the microwave energy. A microwave will leak when its seals have been damaged, not when a “coating” wears out. (BTW some of the more expensive high end units come with a ten year warranty.)

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Time for a Peeps Party!!

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Its now a safety hazard and using it could pose a safey threat to you and your family. a new one is really cheap at WalMart. did i say that? anyway, mine is way over 15 years old and is still working fine. its a Panasonic. apparently, someone has placed something aluminum inside your microwave and shorted it out. replace it.

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Take it out back and shoot it!

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It’s a microwave. You can get a new one for $50.
2–3 year lifespan on a microwave? That’s incorrect.

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Seals, I meant the seals. It’s something my Physics teacher told us. And since he is highly knowledgable, I trust him and his judgement completely.

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I would replace the microwave.

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