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Is subscribing to the Sunday paper only, still worth it?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 28th, 2010

Lets face it, the local newspapers cannot keep up with the news as given on the internet and CNN. will local newspapers soon be extinct? should i only subscribe to the Sunday newspaper, just for the coupons or have the coupons become a “dead issue” for the public now? i just renewed my local newspapers subscription for another year. was this a smart move or did i just feel sorry that the presses might die?

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I don’t subscribe to the Sunday paper, but it is the only day of the week that I buy the local paper at the store. I think that if you enjoy it, of course it is still worth it.

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I actually still like to read newspapers for the analysis of issues (which is particularly found in the Sunday paper). The coverage tends to be more in depth.

I also still do use coupons and advertisements when shopping.

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Of course it is still worth it. Much better to read the Sunday funnies in print than online.

i just renewed my local newspapers subscription for another year. was this a smart move or did i just feel sorry that the presses might die?

I think the newspapers make most of their money from advertisers, not subscribers.

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The crossword puzzle!!!!!

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It’s worth it. The pleasure of reading the paper with breakfast is well worth the expense.
One coupon for an item you use will pay for the cost.
Also how many times do you use the old paper for something? Work surface for messy tasks, wrapping food, carrot and potato peelings, starting fires, painting drop cloth, packing material for packages. (You can no doubt think of many more uses.)

You can’t do that stuff with internet news.

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Internet news FTW. No waste generated.

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The majority rules and you guys have convinced me to continue with my local newspaper. i had forgotten about the old newspapers to paint on and packing gifts for shipping. i have not worked a crossword puzzle in the paper in years. i had forgotten how challenging they are. thanks again.

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I don’t think it’s worth it, and I just got done reading one. The same information is available electronically, easier to search, and generates no ridiculous amounts waste due to extremely short-term usage. Generally all we end up using it for is to start fires in our wood-burning stove.

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I have friends that have given up subscribing because they don’t have the time to read it. I do have the time and I enjoy details that I wouldn’t get online. The Sunday paper is more like a package than a newspaper and the coupons are good. Also coupons are available online.

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I just left the laundromat, and if it hadn’t been for my Sunday paper I would have been extremely bored.

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Yes…much better than the rest of the days of the week.

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Yes, for the coupon inserts! :)

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It is definitely worth it. Consider this issue

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It’s worth it. It takes hours to read; There is more information than television or radio; And the coupons inside are worth many times more than the cost of the paper to you.

And the paper can be reused as pizza plates, litter lining, or otherwise recycled.

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