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What are the best (i.e. most affordable, best quality of learning etc.) graduate schools to obtain a Masters degree in Speech Pathology?

Asked by adrifoxx (69points) February 28th, 2010

whats your opinion, where did you go, why? This is for all those Speech Therapists and Audiologists out there…

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I got my Master’s in Audiology (18 years ago) from the same school I got my Bachelor’s. For my stage if life it was the best fit, since it was local and I was starting a family. Also, it was a state school, so as a resident, tuition was reduced.

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I work at a special need schools as teacher ( and therefore work with a lot of SLP’s) most of them went to state schools, california has some highly reccomended programs at cal state east bay , cal state northridge, and cal state san jose. I work wtih SLP’s who attended this programs and they are fabulous.

What kind of theraphy do you see yourself eventually doing? you want to think about the location of your school for when it is time for your practicum, but the best part of being an SLP is getting to set your own hours and work wherever you want.

Also as far as getting your license you have to supervised for at least a year ( at least this is true in CA) so you will want to scope out jobs that will allow you get paid your first year working. Good luck

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