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She asks "Does this dress make me look fat?". You repsond?

Asked by Arp (3516points) February 28th, 2010

I may eventually come to the fateful day when I am asked this question…

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You respond no.

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“No, babe, it’s not the dress that makes you look fat!”

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“Just your butt.”

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“Your sitting on you fat ass eating donuts watching daytime dramas with out ever doing any exercise makes you look fat.”

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@simone54 how does that go down?

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It depends. Mother-in-law or other family female. With MIL the response is gleeful. With aunts and cousins etc., (my wife and daughters are slender) the response is cautious.

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If she asks that, she’s insecure and has low self esteem. She’s fishing for a compliment, to make herself feel better.

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Just be tacfuly honest.

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“Wow, a talking moon!”

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@MorenoMelissa1 Just be tacfuly honest.

When my mother-in-law asks, and I say, “I am not sure, waddle over into the light so that I can get a better look” is that tactful?

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You could say “I think it’s cut a little weird” or “No, but it makes your legs look short.” or “You look uncomfortable in it”

Never answer “Yes” directly. Make a comment about what’s wrong with the way a dress is manufactured. Often it’s not that the dress makes you look fat, it’s that the size is wrong. Sizing is not consistent. My daughter is 5’8” and weighs 110 lbs. She wears everything from a small to a large, and a 2 to an 8. It just depends what it is, and the brand. Some women are obsessed with buying a size, as in “I always wear a 4” when reality is, that only works some of the time.

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It all depends on how you much pain you’re interested in bringing upon yourself.

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You have never looked fat a day in your life, babe!

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You never say yes unless you are looking to sabotage your relationship in a quick way.

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It depends. Is she asking for actual feedback? or just fishing for compliments?

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No babe. It’s your fat that makes you look fat!

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“Don’t ask me questions that you might not like the answer to.”

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I either say: No, but it doesn’t look good on you.
It amazes me that you don’t realize how beautiful you are.

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No hon…it’s your ass that makes you look fat…

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“The adipose tissue that has collected around your lower posterior makes you look fat.”

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In my experience, the women who are not fat never ask that question. So what’s up with that question anyway, looking for love? Or just an honest answer?

I would just laugh, because I’m certainly fatter than any of the women I’ve ever gone out with.

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@nope In my experience, the women who are not fat never ask that question.

Perhaps you lack experience. When a women is overweight, the right clothing can disguise a lot of her weight. Some things will definitely make a person look fatter or thinner than they are. Few women look for compliments when trying on clothing, they look for the most attractive result. Most overweight women look better (and thinner) in loose flowing clothing than things that are tight and show the fat.

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“It’s just not that flattering… it doesn’t show off your best assets. I bet you can find something that looks better on you.”

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@DarkScribe, so you’ve been tricked too?

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@gorillapaws DarkScribe, so you’ve been tricked too?

No, but I had a fat grandmother and several aunts who all still managed to look stylish and attractive.

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Only in the ass light of my life.Whilst beating a hasty retreat out the door.

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“Compared to what?”

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“No baby, the dress doesn’t make you look fat. You’re simply fat. Live with it.”

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“just a little….”

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This has to be one of the most dreaded questions of womankind to mankind.

I have been asked this before by various loves of mine and the reaction depends upon the woman in question. In truth, I am very bad at guessing weight… period.

With logical ones (most logical ones do not ask this), I tell them the truth, whatever it may be.

With most of them it is something along the lines of this:

me: No, dear, you look lovely. Wear what makes you happy.
her: Oh come on now, tell me the truth
me: Seriously, you look lovely.
her: how many pounds have I gained?
me: <<sweating bullets and trying to remember her last weight>> 145 or so.
her: <<glaring at me silently>>
me: <<knowing I am going to sleep on the couch if this is not right…>> 140 or so.
her if I get it right: I love you so!
her if I get it wrong: <<the glare of death>> You think I am fat!
me: <<sighs, knowing it is fruitless>> I do not, you are truly lovely!
... etc.

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you respond with honesty. I love honesty in guys, it makes me feel like they give a damn about me. Just say yes, if she does look fat and no if she doesn’t but also say-“I don’t give a damn if you’re fat or not; you’re beautiful either way.”

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Honest answer with tact is best.

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I see a lot of guys around here who aren’t getting any tonight!

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@janbb lmao4rl. <3

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You say: “Of course not! You look amazing!”

You think: “The dress doesn’t make you look fat… you huge ass does”

If anyone (male or female) has to ask if they look fat… chances are they are overweight.

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Assuming that the answer is yes, then you have to side-step the question. Reinterpret the question as asking whether the dress looks good on her. Then you can say that you are no fashion expert but that the dress does not seem to bring out the best in her and that perhaps another style would work better.

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“Hon, the dress that would make YOU look fat has yet to be made!” : )

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If for some reason I found myself in that position, which is very unlikely, I don’t know what I’d say. Fat chicks are hot anyways.

I myself will never ask that if I’m wearing a new dress or something, because it sounds so…attention whory. If I were to be complimented on something like this, I would rather it come from the person themselves rather than me urging them to do it. Will be more real and honnest.
I will ask if it looks good on me, if the colours aren’t too bad and all, but that’s different. At least I think it is haha.

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“When my mother-in-law asks, and I say, “I am not sure, waddle over into the light so that I can get a better look” is that tactful?”

@DarkScribe: LOLFR! I just spit out my water.

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Assuming it does, I say “Yes, it’s clearly poorly designed as you are not fat.”

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I have never asked that question. I’ve always known if and when I was fat. If I want an opinion on an outfit, I ask: “Does this look good on me?”

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Does anyone honestly ask this? I always figured it was one of those things that you hear about but never actually gets asked…

Anyway, I am a woman and if I asked my boyfriend that, I think he’d bust out laughing. It’s such an absurd thing to ask.

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<<takes notes from @CaptainHarley, not that I need them since I am quite taken. I could have used them earlier in life.>>

@KatawaGrey Oh yes. I have had more than one woman ask me this. Luckily, I am married to someone who does not do this sort of thing and, if she asked me that, I would know that she is actually asking for information, not an ego stroke. If she asks if she looks good in this vs. that, I have no fear giving my honest opinion.

One of my exes asked me what her eye color was that day and, if I did not get it right, oh boy.

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depends if she really is.

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It depends. If she hasn’t bought it yet- then I say something like ‘that dress isn’t cut right’ or ‘why do designers forget adults have gone through puberty’.

If it’s already been bought then I say no or offer a different way to wear the dress/outfit.

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“It fits poorly” is safe and accurate.

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No baby it does not make you look fat. If she looks completely ridiculous tell her very gently and kindly that it is not her style and does not do justice to her incredibly beauty.

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By getting a SO without fragile self esteem.

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I really don’t see the point of flat out lying with the “you could never look fat!” kind of nonsense. Some people are fat. That’s cool. If someone knows they’re fat and you tell them they’re not, they know you’re lying. And being lied to sucks.

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I once heard one of New Zealand’s top fashion designers, speaking on National Radio, I wrote down, verbatim, something she said and thought it contained a strong element of truth:

“Fashion’s all just about making your bum look smaller.” Karen Walker

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. That depends on if she wants to be lied to to spare her feelings or to hear the truth so she can actualy do something about it before everyone else whispers at the restaurant. If she would rather hear a harsh word from strangers then lie and tell her it don’t even if it does. Then you can explain to her why you did mnot warn her from looking clownish in public.

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‘No you would look lovely in whatever you were wearing’

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If she does, say she does. I would rather my partner tell me I looked wrong, so I could change.

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No more than any other piece of clothing.

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LOL!!!! You guys are cracking me up!!!

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If I ever ask this question of a guy, I hope he shoots me between the eyeballs into the brain I don’t have.

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My Response: “Get me a beer”

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I suppose it depends if I actually want to go to where she’s gotten all dressed up for. If I do then ‘you’ve never looked more lovely’. If I dont, then ‘yeh, you look abit of a heffer’.

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“not FAT so much as skanky”?

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And LOLs occured ^

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Play deaf and walk away slowly

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