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How many of you put Grand Theft Auto on, park the guy in a safe spot, and just listen to the "radio?"?

Asked by HungryGuy (16008points) February 28th, 2010

I do that sometimes. Those “radio stations” are a hoot!

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My disc came with a cd. You can also download the soundtrack off of iTunes.

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Haha, I have done this a few times. I added custom soundtracks to mine after a while as well.

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I love listening to Fever 105 which is from Vice City.
And 98.3 Master Sounds from San Andreas.

Oh, and lol at ”park the guy in a safe spot” which translates to somewhere where you won’t get carjacked or shot up by gangstas.

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It have the PC version so I copied over the tracks I like from my collection and made my own radio station.
Lazlo is still awesome.

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I like the way San Andreas adds radio chatter and funny ads to your custom soundtrack!

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@Captain_Fantasy – You can do that with the Xbox version also.

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The radio in SA is good because the ads and interviews are often relevant to where you are in the game, as well.

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@dverhey – Yeah! I love it when I hear on the news that “gang violence” is on the rise! ROFL

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I use it as inspiration to mash up the pimps & assorted trash.Nothing like humming a good tune while kicking the shit out of the low lives.Ahh if only life was like this.

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@ucme – Yeah! I love to round up a bunch of homies, jack a ride, get heated, and go into some other gang’s hood on a drive by!

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I like to turn the low-g cheat on, steal tanks and fly them across the sky.

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I think you can listen to the radio while the game is paused, so you don’t have to just park and leave it on.

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Mmmmmmm…flying tanks…..

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@holden Why steal tanks when you can just spawn them?

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When no one is watching, I like to park in a dark alley where I can indulge in my guilty pleasure of stevie nicks

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Back In Gta 3 I did have those moments were I would just pull over and listen to chatterbox all day. Best fake radio station ever.

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