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Would you like it if you could customize Fluther like you can your Twitter account?

Asked by Ruki (75points) February 28th, 2010

I mean changing the presentation of the site for yourself.
Like your own background and color scheme?

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No. I’ve always preferred the Facebook model of site design to the MySpace/Twitter model. Those sites are way too cluttered.

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I like Fluther the way it is now. Could we please leave it alone?

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Why would I waste time doing such a thing? I’m not here to be an interior designer. I’m here to actually communicate with people.

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Tinkering too much triggered the expression “I don’t give a tinker’s damn.”

Everyone has the right to design his own site with backgrounds and color schemes to suit.

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@Mamradpivo I’m with you 100%. I just wish that Facebook kept all of the apps off of there.

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Yes. The best customization would be the ability to block those who repeatedly engage in the name calling personal attacks.

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The ability to block idiots would be an improvement for Fluther.

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No way haha, if it became something like MySpace, my computer would crash trying to load people’s shitty fucking glittery backgrounds and flickery crap everywhere.

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Actually, I was attracted to this site because of it’s color scheme. If it were customizable, the whole jellyfish theme the goes throughout the site would just clash.

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On the blog sites where I have the capability to do that, I don’t bother. It’s not important or useful to me.

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If Fluther was to become a Twitter clone I’d leave immediately. Twitter is well named – a morass of twittering twits. Who cares about the most banal and mundane of day to day life?

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Look into Greasemonkey. You can make it look how you want.

*Knowledge of javascript required.

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Nooooooo!! Leave it be. Let the designers make the necessary changes.

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