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Is Wordpress the superior alternative to Google Blogger?

Asked by Blondesjon (33976points) February 28th, 2010

I do love Google products but I have been told by roughly 615,000 people that I really need to switch to Wordpress. Any opinions?

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I have no experience with Google Blogger, but I love wordpress. I have a wordpress blog actually.

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I’m not a blogger fan just because of how it looks.

In my opinion, Wordpress themes > Blogger themes.

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I personally use Blogger. I like the convenience of Blogger being part of Google. Makes it easier to have only one account for blogging, youtube, email, google analytics etc. But that depends on whether you already have a Google account of course.

Here is the main difference in my opinion: Blogger allows you to customize the templates for free. WordPress does as well, EXCEPT you have to pay. Blogger allows you to insert third-party visitor trackers to count the number of visitors etc. (not to re-mention the ease of access of Google analytics once you have your Google account for blogger) For WP you have to use the built-in one, which is less detailed. (only 2-day stats, and beyond that, just weekly and monthly graphs)

If you already have a blog and want to transfer it to a new platform, Blogger only imports other blogspots, whereas WordPress is compatible with most major blogging platforms.

You can store 1G of pictures on Blogger, 3 on WP. WP has a built-in option to include a contact form. You have to use a third-party in Blogger.

I prefer Blogger overall, mostly for the higher flexibility. If you want to really customize your blog, you can do it more easily in Blogger than WordPress (again, unless you pay). However I’d say WordPress is perhaps simpler to use when you want a quick solution to start blogging fast.

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Wordpress is free. You can get it here and install it wherever you want. is the place that charges. I personally like Wordpress hosted on my own server best.

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I use both. Wordpress is better as “a website”, i.e. it has a lot of functionality and you can really dig into the guts of it and make it exactly how you want it.

However, as a pure “I want to write text on the internet without hassle” tool, blogger is unparalleled. Very very easy to get into and use, and has the convenience factor of shared logins.

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I chose wordpress based on word-of-mouth, and have been very happy with it. I don’t like the look of blogger, but that’s really all I know about it.

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I have used both and I concur with the 615,000.

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I am in the process of switching from blogger to wordpress, just because blogger no longer allows me to host on my FTP (they’re switching out in March). Also, I’m kind of miffed with google for imposing Buzz on me.

I love the switch, and I thank google for booting me out. The categories and pages (static pages) make so much more sense.

@TheBot – I don’t know what you mean by needing to pay for customising the templates and I am doing so via the template editor , and it seems free. (Though it does require some css coding skills) But yes, if you have a bit of coding skills, wordpress is really much more flexible, and the amount of widget/hack support that people have already come up is infinitely more sophisticated.

In short, with a bit of coding, wordpress is really more powerful. Blogger is a nice simple setup, and I suppose, a good place to start. But for me, I’m really happy with wordpress.

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@lifeflame if you are using the free blog service hosted at, then you have to pay to have a customised template (except for a few minor tweaks available in some of the free ones available). But if you are self-hosting via, then you can do whatever you like with your templates. But you’ll have to pay for hosting.

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Ah, so so.
I’m paying my hosting, so I didn’t realise. That sucks. As do the “occasional display of text ads” that I see that comes with the free accounts.

I get the impression that blogger is great for starting out, and wordpress is great for those getting more serious about blogging.

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