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Anyone have personal experience with the French Foreign Legion?

Asked by Steve_A (5120points) February 28th, 2010 from iPhone

Have you had personal experience or been in it?

I want any experiences on it from enlistment, what you do, what they expect.

Anything you can tell me.But I would highly prefer the person been in it.

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No, but I know someone who has. Anything particular you’d like to know?

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The French Foreign Legion has the reputation of being among the strongest regiment there is in the world. This is not a coincidence, the generals training it have a whitecard – inofficially they do many immoral things to the recruits to toughen them up. Also the training doesn’t take place in France – it mostly takes place in the jungle, where nobody is going to watch what they’re doing. Most people in the French Foreign Legion have a quite logical incentive: They want an unlimited visa to stay in France, that’s why they are willing to go through all this trouble.

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Yeah I wouldn’t count on getting much information from an ex-member / current member. All I know is that they’re badass and you can’t be a french citizen if you want to join

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The french foriegn legion was originally developed as way to make the most badass troops from the most evil guys to have ever walked through a prison. The french saw that if they wanted the best killing force, they needed the raw materials to do it with, in this case, murderers, rapists, and so on. One might winder what could drive such an evil person to join a military group that also has one of the highest death rates of any military group. The inceentive that the french gave, was that if you joined and served for however many years they assign to you, and live, you get an entirely new identity and a french visa, meaning for all the hardass criminals, a chance at a second life, no matter what you had done. The officers ask no questions, you get a new name, some euros, and a new social security number assigned to you by the french government. Thats why the french foreign legion is probably the most hardcore sons of bitches the world has seen next to the 300 spartans, Napoleon Boneparte, and the Navy SEALS.

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my son will be going over there next year, he has a record, not a horrible one like has been discribed but one nonetheless, he is learning french as we speak, a requirement. i come from a military family, the Legion is respected even among the marines and navy seals.with any record he couldnt be a marine, so he is doing this. do i like it? hell no. because i may never see him again, there is no death notice for them. i am not even allowed to go near their offices. do i think he will make it? yeah i do, but i dont know how i am going to feel aout the person that comes back in 5 years.

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and my son isnt a evil person FYI.

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