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What is the best backpack for traveling?

Asked by speedplane (1points) March 5th, 2008

I’m going traveling to Australia and south-east asia for 4 months. I want to get a good backpack. I may do some camping but most of the time I’ll be staying in hostels. What is the best luggage I can buy? I’m thinking about internal-frame backpack but I’m not sure.

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Irish rucksacks are pretty glorious.

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Definitely do a backpack over traditional luggage. It keeps your hands free for other things. Internal frame backpacks are more comfortable and go through checked luggage better than external frames (does anyone use external frames anymore?). Don’t get anything too big. I usually find I could have travelled with about half the stuff I actually took. Sorry, none of that really answers your question, which is for a recommendation of a particular pack, no?

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I’d suggest going to a REI if you have one near by and asking for some suggestions there. Stuff built for hiking and the outdoors would be a great options because it’ll be durable and built for hiking.

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Tatonka makes great backpacks. I spent 4 months traveling around Australia and that’s what I used.

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Gregory makes great bags as well. . .But go in and get fitted by an expert. Different brands and models fit better with different body types. Be sure to get some weight in the bag and wander around the store for a while to see how the bag feels after a while.

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if it is more of a messenger style bag you are looking for… For day tripping that is check out Oakley

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I like Camel bak packs for dayhikes. I have a few diffrent ones depending on trip duration.

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Oakley is pretty sweet I agree!

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