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The doctor is IN!!! Welcome Dr_C to the 10k house!

Asked by Allie (17441points) February 28th, 2010

It’s getting smexy up in here.

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Congrats, Dr. C

also, first in among an orgy of lurve, I’m sure.

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I want Doc on my team for the late night basketball games.

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Congrats, yo.

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For crying out loud!!!
I missed an epic induction AGAIN!?
sigh oh well, what really counts is that Dr.C is amazing, and he has the lurve to show it!
How exciting that my love docter has enough lurve to get him into the 10K mansion! I adore you Doc!!!

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Hip hip horray!!!!!

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Doc you should see the incredible suite you have- it is a box at Qualcomm!

Congrats dude!

Lets party till the sun comes up!!!!

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Whoa…dude..DUDE..way to go!!!!! :)

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Congrats!!!! Way to lurve!

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Wow! Muy congrats! :)

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Congratulations! We knew you’d get there. Next step 20k!!

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Dr. C!

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…right before I signed off!

Some 10K race that was, you kicked my butt!

Congrats Doc!

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Wowza!!! Congratulations on the achievement Dr_C!

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mmm.. orgies…

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Congratulations, Doc!

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Congratulations doc. You are the most relaxed guy I know here on Fluther. The only person I have seen to get, not 2, but almost 3 parties on Fluther. We fought over each other to get to post your 10k question. I hope you feel honoured!

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I had to remove this question, asked mere seconds after Allie’s version. It was posted by @markyy on behalf of @shrubbery:

Can you guess who just kicked in the door of the 10k mansion? And then bumped his head into the top of the doorpost??


The Son of God walks again! And he’s now been given the keys to the 10k mansion. Fluther’s very own Jesus has been working his way up as a humble human, just as he did 2000 years ago. Now he has finally reached the 10k mansion, much the same as being crucified and going to heaven, and he has a bone to pick with Bendrewim, how dare they call themselves gods!

Can we give it up for Dr_C, one of Fluther’s most loved, who is always willing to help out and has made some wonderful contributions in his time here, not to mention he’s an awesome friend to have around. We all love you Doc, congratulations!

Ps. Doc, Shrubbery was dying to be the one to give you this thread. So determined in fact, she sent the above message to a legion of trained monkeys. They were only given one mission: To post her message in case she wouldn’t be around herself and take a cyanide pill.

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Wow! Another doctor in the mansion! First Dr. Shilolo and now Dr_C! (And of course Dr. J has resided here all along.)
Enjoy your stay. Now let’s par-tay!

After the party I need to talk to you about this itchy, triangular rash on my back.

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Wow… guys I really don’t know what to say. I’m honored to be in such illustrious company and would like to thank everyone for your encouragement and all your wonderful words.

I will personally thank everyone that’s posted but I need to let this sink in…. For once I don’t have the words.

quick edit: this has been a special week for me. I Joined fluther Feb. 24th of last year on what would have been my father’s birthday as a way to keep my mind busy. I never expected that I’d find not only a second home, but people that I’ve come to respect and love. I’ve made amazing friends here and am incredibly grateful to have this space. It’s been a hell of a year!

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Ooooooooooooooh you know you are one of my favorite people on here! You’re smart, ambitious, hilarious, mean to me, hardworking (whether you admit it or not) and based on our last conversation, I’d venture to say a man of principles. Congratulations! You’ve been at 10K in my book for a long time now =)

PS: GQ Allie

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You sir, are awesome. That is all.


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Mazel Tov!

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Yay =) Nice work, doctor.

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Congrats, it’s a 10 k!

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Nice knowing you are here!

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waddup doc congrats

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Great job Doc, congrats :-)

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Congrats, Doc!

I love ya!

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Hey Doctor C, you handsome devil, welcome and congrats!

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Congrats @Dr_C !!!

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Welcome doc.;)

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RAT—S !!!! 1

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Hip, hip hooray; you made it to 10k!!!

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Gonna need a doctor for all those hangovers! Congratulations!

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Congrats to you!!!

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congratulations!!! lurve to you! if you were here, I would have let you catch my baby (or cut him out of me..whichever lol)

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Great Googlie Wooglie! Congratulations! Welcome Dr!

by the way, I have a funny pain right about here…

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Oh yeah he making a house call! Welcome Dr. C!

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Yay!!! Congrats to @Dr_C!

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Yes, the rats are definitely dancing.

Congratulations, @Dr_C! The party just keeps getting better and better!

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Dr_C!!! Dr_C!!! Dr_C!!! Congratulations Dr_C! Amazing job. Keep on lurvin’!

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Another doctor in the house!

Mazel tov, Dr C! Great work!!

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Congrates @Dr_C ! Your such a great jelly! :) I love your questions AND…your awesome!!! Lol! Happy 10k day!!!

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Oh, I’m late to the party, but my heartfelt congratulations are right up at the top. Way to go!!! Welcome to the mansion. A new room is being set up for you. :D

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You are my favorite doctor in the house! (psst….don’t tell the other doctors!)

Much lurve! Congrats!! :D

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Congratulations to the very deserving Dr_C!

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Congratulations @Dr_C Your amazing (period)

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Congrats? Now, can you take a look at my arm? It hurts when I do this.

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Congrats!!! Hooray!!!

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How did I miss this? Congrats Dr_C!

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Cool, congratulations.

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The Doctor is in the house! Give it up!

Happy 10K!

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Thank you all so much! I never thought I’d get my own 10k thread or that if I did that anyone would show up! This is really amazing and it helps remind me what an amazing community fluther is.

So let’s party! I’ll bring the beer, a basketball for @johnpowell, a first aid kit and some tunes. Who’s up for a margarita and pancakes?

Don’t get too comfy everyone… @J0E and @rangerr are closing in on 10k fast! get ready for a couple more parties! and let’s get their room ready!

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Gah, I missed it!

I think there is something wrong with one of my ..erm..tentacles, and I’m in need of some assistance. Sexy Dr. C, stat?

Those dimples, the smarts, and the charm. Congrats, to one of my favorite jellies!!!

El Tesoro Paradiso Anejo shots all around, jellies.

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@jjmah You are still in time! The party rages on! :D
Hey everyone! Jjmah brought El Tesoro Paradiso Anejo!

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“Aint’ no party like a jellyfish party ‘cause a jellyfish party don’t stop!”

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This is the price I pay for spending time with the kids in stead of Fluther? I missed the bulk of the party? I have to get my priorities straight.

Congratulations, mini-Me! ;-)

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CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get to celebrate on the inside with some hawt girls in the ER this week.
And Pete is closer to 10k than Joe and I are!

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Woo woo! Many congratulations to you, @Dr_C, even though I missed the party by a little bit. :)

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La coo coo raw cha!!! Congrats!

PS, per you saying “I will personally thank everyone that’s posted but I need to let this sink in…” You don’t have to thank me! Just….send money. K? :)

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Many congrats and much appreciation to a great and helpful contributor! Way to go, Dr_C!

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Congratulations, doc! The prognosis regarding your future at Fluther appears to be very healthy indeed!

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Think there are enough doctors yet? ;)

Congratulations, @Dr_C, on your great achievement! I’m sure you’ll reach 20k without trouble as well! (:

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almost missed it under the meta tab!

Congrats Doc- you’re one of my favorite jellies.

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Congrats! Now most of the hot guys are here in the mansion.

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They call him Dr. Lurve
Dr. Lurve
He’s got the lurve your dreaming of
Dr. Lurve

Congratulations sir!!

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Doc, you know I love you. Congrat’s my friend.

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oohh DR DR!!
yay CHUYERTO!!!! you graduated!!!! now you’re ready to become independent.
10K CLUB!!
i can’t even describe how awesome you are!! you’re one smart, funny, intelligent, caring, helpful, amazing, huggable guy. you’re that and more!! You have inspired us all!!
thanks and

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Great work, @Dr_C! You have been a very steady and solid contributor. Congratulations.

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Dr.C! THE MD of fluther :) welcome to Y 10 K!! :) Congratz!

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Ok… Here goes my attempt at thanking everyon personally. I hope I don’t leave anyone out! This may be a bit short but I assure you it’s for resons of not taking up too much space.

@OperativeQ you were the first and for that I’m grateful! Here’s to the lurve orgy!
@johnpowell I’m Reddy for late night basketball! Who we playing’?
@Vunessuh Thanx yo!
@IBERnineD It has been a privilege and an honor to be your love Dr. I adore you too!
@Judi I’m flattered and grateful!
@Dog you are the queen of the party and I love you!
@Freedom_Issues DUDE! You’ll be here before you know it!
@loser thanks a lot man. I smuggled in some booze!
@MissAnthrope Muchas gracias!
@TooBlue Welcome and thank you! Stick around, it get’s better all the time!
@figbash THANK YOU
@J0E I always thought you’d beat me here. Either way I’m still prepping for your party!
@HTDC keep on lurvin.
@ninjacolin you my friend have been a bigger help than you know.
@augustlan the lovely Lisa, thank you for all you do. You make this a better place.
@faye Thank you so much!
@markyy thank you for posting that Q even if it got taken down. You are an Amazing guy and yes, I do feel honored!
@AstroChuck you know you’ve arrived when the great AC is posting at your party. You are one of a kind kid.
@PnL future doc, you are one of my favorites ;)
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities you sir are awesome as well. That is all
@andrew I got tiny maracas for those congo rats. Thanks for all you do.
@PandoraBoxx you rock!
@Zen_Again le heim!
@Facade We’ve missed you girl!
@liminal it’s nice to know you’re here too
@MrGeneVan zup? Thank you so much.
@Neizvestnaya i hope I spelled that right! Thanks a lot and welcome!
@petethepothead Dude… you are the best. I love ya too!
@rooeytoo thanks for the handsome devil part ;) your remains one of my favorite screen names. Your posts to ;)
@MissAusten coming from you this is beyond flattering
@CharlieGirl :) thank you and welcome!
@Fred931 Thanx so much! You’re well on your way too!
@TLRobinson my first cheer! Great rhyme! Thanks a lot!
@syz I have a special hangover remedy. But if we keep drinking we won’t need it ;)
@casheroo I would be honored to be there to catch the jelly bean! I still vote for Paco!!!!! Thanks girl!
@filmfann you are hilarious. That is all.
@SuperMouse house calls are part of the service here. I usually bring party favors! Thanks!
@Cupcake if you’re not careful I WILL take a bite out of you! Thank you!
@erichw1504 thanks for the chant! And DUDE! You are so close!
@janbb 3 Dr.’s down, a few to go. Hope I can live up to the ones that were here already! Thank you!
@irocktheworld I love all your posts. You are an awesome jelly! Thank you!
@jbfletcherfan Thank you for being here! It means a lot.
@jonsblond you are one of my favorites too ;) you really are Amazing!
@marinelife coming from someone so close to 30k this means a whole lot! Thank you!
@sjmc1989 you are pretty amazing yourself (colon)
@tinyfaery Let’s take a look at that arm. It’s straining under the weight of your awesomeness!
@Likeradar SIMILAR SONAR!!!!!!!! You are by far one of the coolest jellies evar!
@aprilsimnel you are so closet o 20k! I should be congratulating you!
@Simone_De_Bearuvoir thank you very much!
@ChazMaz that’s an awesome welcome. Thanks!
@jjmah I’m all for checking that ….erm… “tentacle” :) I’ll bring the lime for that tequila! You dear lady are what brought sexy back!
@shilolo those are some lucky kids. You are quite an example to follow my friend. Thank you.
@rangerr Madi, the fact that you showed up warms my heart. Thank you!
@fireinthepriory the party doesn’t stop. You haven’t missed a thing!
@Val123 Cucaracha FTW!!!!!!! And sorry, can’t send that much cash for now. But at least I’m Keeling my promise to thank everyone! (this includes you).
@ubersiren the term über is extremely fitting for a jelly such as you. Thank you!
@Bluefreedom you sir are one of a kind. Thank you for all your contributions and thank you for being here!
@mangeons look at it this way… the more doctors there are in the house, the higher likelihood of people scoring some medical THC :) thank you!
@gemiwing you are one of my favorites too! Thank you!
@chyna you have no idea how long i was blushing alter Redding your post. I am flattered! Thank you so much!
@cprevite that was as awesome a post as I’ve seen in the longest time! Thank you for that!
@toomuchcoffee911 while I thank you whole-heartedly, I disagree with your screen name, I can never have too much coffee!
@judochop you my friend are an inspiration and an Amazing guy!
@cyndihugs you my dear are an amazing person and a great friend! Thank you jailbait!
@Jeruba I am flattered beyond belief. Thank you so much!
@Tenpinmaster Y 10 k was awesome! Thank you so much!

I think that’s everyone, If I left someone out I’m terribly sorry and thank you! You guys have made my week. I love fluther and all my jellies!

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Cheers and congratulations @Dr_C…enjoy the party!

Dr_C's avatar

@forestGeek thank you! tequila?

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Finally I found it. I was hunting all over for this post. Sorry to be so late to the party.

I always enjoy reading your answers, and questions as well.

Sincerest congrats to your worthy accomplishment.

Dr_C's avatar

@Buttonstc coming from you that means a lot. Thank you!

forestGeek's avatar

@Dr_C – nothing but the best for this party!

Dr_C's avatar

Holy crap!!!!! I just realized I totally forgot to thank @Allie for being such an amazing and loving friend and for posting the thread! She’s the first person I had contact with on Fluther, First Jelly I had contact with outside of fluther… and by far one of the coolest, sweetest and most fun people ON ERF. I <3 U ALLIE!

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I’m once again a bit or two late, but this is one celebration I did not want to miss. @Dr_C is indeed a very special jelly. He is intelligent yet equally street smart, very successful and confident yet modest and respectful, a diistinguished and worldly gentleman yet a down home, friendly and approachable kind of guy. He is kind, considerate and polite but he is also fun loving, loves to tease and is probably a hell of a practical joker. But, he is never rude and is always aware of the proper time and place for such fun.
The Doc maintains a positive attitude and is always looking to the bright side. And, he seems to genuinely love people. He certainly adores and worships women but is every bit a man’s man as he is a woman’s man. And, he is right at home in any setting. He is equally comfortable trading shots with @Blondesjon on the radio show as he is sipping the finest champagne at a black tie affair. Or strumming his guitar and singing silly love songs to his lucky lady and all their dogs as they lay in bed as he is in a studio laying down demo tracks for a major record company.
The Doc is a fine jelly friend of mine. As a matter of fact, I’m certain that if we were to actually meet, we would become quick real friends. And, the Doc is the type of guy I could see myself hanging out with, together raising a bit of hell here and there.
One more thing: I long ago figured out what the “C” in @Dr_C stands for…..that would be “CHARISMA” and boy, this guy has that and a whole lot more. Congratulations to one of our very finest jellies. From this day forward, I shall down every shot of tequila in your honor, my friend.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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Wow, @Dr_C! That was a lot of work thanking everyone up there! That was even better than money! Thank YOU! :)

Dr_C's avatar

@whatthefluther there are no words to describe to you the feeling your post inspired. I can’t thank you enough. Nicer things have never been said about me, and the fact that they came from you makes this an occasion to remember. For the first time in I don’t know how long I find myself staring at the screen completely at a loss for words. I’ve been here for well over an hour, unable to come up with even the simplest phrase to tell you how much I (a well as many many more Jellies) look up to you and am honored to know you. You bring such joy to us all with every post, you have blessed us in allowing us to participate in your life, your proposal, as well as your experiences.

You sir set quite an example, as a husband, friend,scientist, and overall human being. You have touched the lives of many and have shared good and bad times with us all and helped us in more ways than you can imagine. You truly are an amazing and essential part of this community and I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy every moment of it.

I am truly touched and immensely thankful.

@Val123 I told you I’d get around to thanking everybody!

janbb's avatar

@Dr_C That was lovely and so true.

Blondesjon's avatar

Siento llegar tarde a mi amigo. Yo estaba recorte mi bigote. Felicitaciones a un hombre que hace un promedio Slowpoke Rodríguez.

jlm11f's avatar

[After reading both doc and wtf’s posts]: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Dr_C's avatar

@Blondesjon gracias por venir! No importa que llegues tarde, lo que importa es que llegues. Bienvenido a la fiesta!!!! quieres un poco de Tequila?

sjmc1989's avatar

Everyone is being so nice and sweet! I think this is my favorite 10k thread and @Dr_C you really are amazing for taking the time to think each and every individual. We lurve You!

Blondesjon's avatar

@Dr_C . . . Por supuesto! Tal vez ni siquiera se acordará de esto mañana.

Fred931's avatar

¿Por qué estamos todos hablando en español?

Fred931's avatar

Google me gusta mucho!

Val123's avatar

¿loñɐdsǝ uǝ opuɐlqɐɥ sopoʇ soɯɐʇsǝ énb ɹod?

Dr_C's avatar

@Val123 .sǝlɐuıbıɹo oʇuɐʇ ol ɹod ʎ soʇuıʇsıp oɔod un uǝɔɐɥ sou ǝnb sɐıɔuǝɹǝɟıp sɐl oɯoɔ ısɐ oʇuǝıɯıɔouoɔ oɹʇsǝnu ɹıʇɹɐdɯoɔ ɹǝpod lǝ ɐʇsnb sou ʎ 1ɐɹnʇlnɔ-ıʇlnɯ odnɹb un soɯos ǝnbɹod

.ejasnem ortseun reel redop a nav sanosrep ed oñeuqep opurg nu euq aedi al atsug son neibmaT

Violet's avatar

oh yea!! I love Doc_C : )
(sorry I just found the Meta section)

Dr_C's avatar

@Violet Love you too! Thanx for coming!
your 10k is well on the way

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@Val123 @Dr_C you guys better stop that crap.

Val123's avatar

¡¡¡ǝɯ ǝʞɐɯ

Val123's avatar


Val123's avatar

@Fred931 ROFL!! You have NO idea! We, my husband and I, between us, almost burned the freakin’ house down last night! Nothing brings the neighborhood together on a cold Tuesday night, in the middle of American Idol at 7:45, like a freakin’ chimney fire! I’ve been debating on whether to post the question…Oh man! :)

Dr. C! My husband and I had a bonfire in our chimney last night in honor of your 10K!!! The whole neighborhood was there, just for you!
Beat THAT ya’ll!

Fred931's avatar

@Val123 SH!T that’s funny!

Val123's avatar

@Fred931 SHIT! No it wasn’t!! Thank God my husband was irresponsible enough to leave the hose attached to the faucet in the back yard after winter started, because I had put the hose attached to the faucet on the side yard away and would have had no idea where to find it, especailly in the dark. We lost a few moments getting the hose from the back yard to the side yard WHERE THE FIRE WAS AND WHERE I’D SO RESPONSIBLY REMOVED THE HOSE FROM. I’ll leave hoses attached everyfreakinwhere, from now on. Frozen pipes and busted hoses be damned! I’m gonna leave hoses attached to the freakin’ trees, man….

Fred931's avatar

@Val123 The irony of my post compared to yours as well as the tone of your explanation of the situation made the event seem like something to laugh at. Sorry.

rangerr's avatar

Off topic posts are off topic.

Val123's avatar

@Fred931 Absolutely! Nothing at all to be sorry about! When you posted that picture I dang near wrote “ROFLMAO!” for the first time in my life, because I just wouldn’t say something like that! But I didn’t write it because I wouldn’t say something like that….(o….wait…uh…erm) Well, anyway, yeah. I about fell off my chair laughing! But it wasn’t funny last night! O shit! Is right!
Actually….I almost always manage to find something to laugh about in almost every thing, and you did it for me this time! ¡noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ

Shut up Rangerr!

Fred931's avatar

@rangerr redundant posts are redundant.

Val123's avatar

It’s not off topic @Rangerr. I had a bonfire in my chimney for Dr. C.

Dr_C's avatar

@Val123 I just lit my chimney in honor of you and hubby. Bonfires FTW!

Val123's avatar

@Dr_C Lut? You mean “lit”?? Quick! Fine! Just laugh away! Oh man! It was something. Neighbors were coming out of the woodwork. Cars stopping in the street. A few more seconds, and there would have been sirens sounding! And all for YOU! Congrats!

Fred931's avatar

Why not just snag a fire truck over to your place anyways? EVERY party could use more flashing, epileptic-seizure-inducing lighting.

Val123's avatar

That was next!

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DOC. So. Where to start?
You have been such a great friend to me for a while now and I love you to bits. You are a genuinely sweet, caring, and amazingly helpful guy who I love to talk to. Thanks for answering all of my questions, no matter how tech retarded I am, and thank you for the great chats about anything really. You have such great advice, not just for me but for all of Fluther, and your 10k is one of the most deserved. Thank you for every answer you write!
Love Ali

Dr_C's avatar

@shrubbery I promise to write this again after the effect of the alcohol has worn off (celebratory weekend.. what can I say?). You my dear are one of my favorite people on earth. You are a sweet, funny, smart, caring and generous young lady with the cutest accent EVAR. You are by far one of the best friends anybody could ask for, a fair and concerned mod, and without a doubt one of the most beloved jellies around. I am truly grateful for your friendship, and I have to tell you, when I read what you asked @markyy and @J0E to post for my 10k I choked up. I honestly didn’t expect a 10k thread, or anyone to contribute to it. But after reading what you wrote… The first thing that went through my mind was how amazing you are and how lucky we all are to have you around. If you’ll allow me to be a bit nerdy for a sec I would like to quote an old Sci-Fi movie, a pointy eared and infinitely logical character once said “I Have Been and Always Shall Be Your Friend”. It is truly my pleasure and my privilege.

Thank you so much for everything.
Love Dr_C.

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