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Leather armchair (lazy-boy style) vs. fake leather. Anyone have positive or negative experience with them?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) February 28th, 2010

I can’t decide which way to go: quality or price.

Did anyone have a really bad experience with a cheaper faux-leather chair – or can I safely purchase one and save a ton of money?

Anyone want to recommend a name and model?


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Real leather all the way. Fake is hot, sweaty and uncomfortable – plus it looks cheap and doesn’t last.

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The trouble with fake leather is that it gets sweaty real quick, ad won’t last half as long. I’d be wary of fake leather unless it’s a LOT cheaper, like a third of the price.


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I just got a leather Executive High-Back Chair by Serta.

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My ferret got caught inside of the La-Z-boy and died. I didn’t know, until I reached for the remote control, and came up with something that was stiff, but turns out the ferret had rigor mortis and I freaked out, and sued the La-Z-boy company for eating my remote control.

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I say go for cloth, so cozy. I’ve never lived anywhere warm!

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Which part of your story is real and which do you recommend; leather or fake? Thanks.

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The old fashioned fake leather was just like plastic and I hated mine, but the newer ones made from micro fibers are amazing. Don’t waste your money on leather.

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—And in this corner… @DarkScribe and in the red corner @YARNLADY.

I’m going to need names and models and personal anecdotes to make a decision.



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@Zen_Again I’m going to need names and models and personal anecdotes to make a decision.

I have an aversion anything that is not natural fibre, cotton, wool, leather, or silk. I have tried Microfibre and even the sport clothing that “wicks” sweat away I find to be very uncomfortable. I much prefer a thick cotton Tee Shirt. With furniture it is the same, wool, leather, cotton/linen or raw silk. I don’t like the blended materials.

It is all personal taste. I have leather chairs that belonged to my great grandparents – still in fine shape. They need treating every few years but it is not an onerous process.Wax and Neatsfoot Oil.

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I would go with the leather one.I have a mission style chair that is very comfortable and nice looking.You can usually tell the fake leather from the real.Go for the natural materials… or else!!! lol :)

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If you don’t mind sitting in dead cow hides… personally, if I had to sit in dead animal skins, I would prefer buffalo.
Make your own furniture and drape it with the dead animal of your choice.

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I would not have fake leather, and don’t really like bonded or reconstituted leather. I love leather, the more it is used the softer it gets.

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@Zen_Again I bought my great grandmother a micro fiber recliner, and she sits in it nearly 24 hours a day. With the old leather recliner, she developed bed sores and the leather took on a serious odor. With the new micro fiber, she has none of the previous issues, and the fiber repels dirt and liquids and does not retain odors.

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@YARNLADY et al Thanks. It seems to be about even – pros and cons of leather.

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My fake leather Lazy Boy recliner started to rip apart where the buttocks sit and the head rests after only about 2 years. Big disappointment. Real leather – even for a few hundred dollars more – would have been a much better choice. Mine cost about 600$.

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