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Where can I find free movie clips?

Asked by cschack (227points) March 5th, 2008

I’ve never sat down to play with the movie editing software on my Macbook, and thought it could be fun to learn. But I’m not really interested in buying or renting a video camera. I just wondered if there is a site for downloading free movie clips that I could play with. There’s a stock clip site, but again, money. I just want to goof around…thanks!

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… might I add that it’s not work safe? Porn indeed.

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hehe, you love it!

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The Internet Archive has some stuff, all the video is under Creative Commons licenses. The quality varies.

You could always use the iSight in your MacBook and just point it at what you want to film in Photobooth (Leopard only).

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Youtube has alot of clips, apple has alot of trailers, but if you want actual clips look at torrent sites or use programs like Limewire.

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