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What kind of person are you?

Asked by Sophief (6676points) March 1st, 2010

Are you different on Fluther to how you are in real life?

I know I am. I am very quiet and like to keep to myself in real life. I’m not a people lover. I like this site because I can interact without having to be face to face. I can be the inner me on here.

I know if my family saw me on here they wouldn’t believe it was me!

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I am the same in person…maybe alittle worse :).—To know me is to love me,damnit!—

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I’m a little more outspoken in real life. Everything else, same (real life/Fluther).

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Okay, who is going to tell her?

@Dibley have to get back with you! all my alter personalities are in a bad mood this morning!

Seriously, try to be the same everywhere!

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I am more aggressive in real life. I am probably more organised here somehow. I also suffer with ADD so writing, spelling and grammar is difficult for me. So I’d say I am just as I am here as I am in real life, but toned down. (Yes I am a handful). Loll. Although maybe the spelling etc., is a result of not really going to school until I was around 8 years old.

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Just an honest asshole.

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I am the King People Person. i love interaction between all my friends. i love a party, but not “to party”, if you know what i mean. i am always just me. what you see here is what you get in person. my answers here are honest and to the point. i love fun and laughter and always i am upbeat. i love songs with a beat and only slow songs for dancing. i am the guy that believes the cup is always half full…........positive outlooks always. i was born this way and i will die this way. my mood is always upbeat and some people dislike me for my disposition. but, when i see red…...look out!

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Dibley, good question. points for you. john

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Lucy, i believe every word you have just posted.

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@john65pennington Thank you. Seems like we are all a little different.

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I’m exactly the same in real life.

The only difference is I don’t always say the right things in real life. Here you can edit your responses prior to “saying” it.

oh, and I don’t actually look like a chocolate chip cookie in real life.

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Interesting question…. as in real life I’m not often how I actually am, if that makes any sense. Naturally I’m quiet & abit of a thinker, however very few people ever get to see this. Most people just encounter my public face, which is bright & breezy, something of a joker, & not scared of anything. I think I’m a scattering of all these on Fluther… but you’d probably have a better idea than me :)

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Dibley, this is the reason they make chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

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@cprevite That is such a pity… if you did look like one you’d be my best friend!

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@cprevite Shame, I like cookies!

@Cloverfield I think you are a great person and we get on really well, we are very alike.

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I am a shy sensitive person who has a good heart,I hope.:)

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

I am much quieter and far less outgoing in real life. I’m also quite ugly.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Why don’t you show yourself? You shouldn’t put yourself down.

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You get so close to who I am on here. Sometimes too close.

In the world I have to avoid conflict and confusion amongst the people I work and live along side.
We are all (most of us) on the same page. As far as putting the cards on the table goes.

I respect all of you for giving me this privilege.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

I don’t censor myself here on IRL and am just as passionate.

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@Dibley Thank you, it’s always nice to hear things like that. & likewise your a lovely person & I enjoy our little to & fro’s immensely :)

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My presence here seems consistent with my offline sense of self. This question makes me wonder what people think the difference between real life and here is.

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I think I am like you, in that i would never talk to people face to face like i can here, i just smile and nod silently in everyday social situations… and also i actually can say how i feel about things, where as face to face with people i do the whole emotionless brickwall thing =P

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No, I’m not different in real life.

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For the most part rather similar, I just find I can’t find the right people to talk to enough about things I am interested in.

But here I find it easy to start a conversation without trying too hard of “respecting boundaries” you might say, just say what you want to. When it is real life I suppose it is different or maybe I should just grow some balls, lol!

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I more openly show my insecurities here than I do to all but 3 or 4 people in real life.

ucme's avatar

utterly adorable.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Dibley One day I may work up the courage to post a photo. I don’t want to be the cause of a pandemic of projectile vomiting.

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DO it! Do it! ;-)

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Your a bad ass either way man!

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Pretty much the same, except for the edit button. My mouth doesn’t have one, so I haven’t offended quite as many people here.

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I’m worse in real life.

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I’m very friendly, down to earth, sarcastic, personable, easy going, patient, understanding, compassionate, eternally optimistic, honest to a fault, kind, unique, intellectual, and humble. I’m the same person on Fluther that I would be in any real world environment. I can’t and won’t pretend to be what I’m not.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Dibley Herevis the new picture, pancake makeup over the right side facial scars. Not resposible for vomiting pandemic.

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Sometimes I wonder if I walked into a fluther gathering, would people be able to figure out who I was? I can’t decide. I don’t know what I do here that has a real world analog. It would be a party, so I don’t think we’d be discussing fluther questions. So, since I wouldn’t be giving answers, it might be hard to hear my voice. The voice that people think they know.

The main difference between my fluther and real world behavior is that I don’t talk about private things in the real world. I probably talk less, but that’s because we have to share air time in the real world (only one person can talk at a time if we want to understand anything), and here, we can be as prolix as we want.

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I’m pretty much the same person no here. I love to laugh, think about sex and sports too much, yeah, pretty much the same
@stranger_in_a_strange_land The picture is fine. You look just like what I pictured a retired English Engineer gentleman farmer would look like. The offer to hustle some chicks still stands, as I flee before the female response starts.

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I don’t misrepresent myself at all here, but I am probably somewhat more assertive and forthright here than I am at times in real life. In some ways, exploring myself on Fluther and gaining affirmation has added to my confidence. Watch out world!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land hey!!! you are beautiful by the way… and well done on the 10K I missed that!!!

I don’t know who I am on a day to day basis so I’m not sure I am the same person on Fluther as I am in real life..if that makes sense… probably not… um…I’m not the same person in real life that I sometimes perceive myself to be… it’s all a bit screwed up in my head at the moment… I am quite miserable at the moment and the fact that I have not got much lurve recently is probably indicative of the fact that I am feeling low and not posting very helpful or thoughtfully kind, informative answers… I guess… so I dunno..maybe I am the same…perhaps too much so

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@Cloverfield: Yes, but for how long? Two or three bites and that’d be thend of our friendship.

@Dibley: And I adore readheads. Ah, perhaps in another life.

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I am exactly the same. Quirky, extroverted, down-to-earth, as nice as possible (you better believe it), optimistic, sarcastic, a little nerdy, etc. I suppose that in real life, I don’t talk about the “nerdier” things (linguistics and such) as much (though coming to Stanford has changed that a bit and I love it!) but for the most part, I am the same.

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Well since this is a communication oriented piece of intarnetz, I obviously talk a bit more here. I’m slightly quiet in real life around strangers, but essentially the words I speak or type or the same. They reflect the same views, the same passion for horror movies and the same animosity towards generally everything haha.

It might be more eloquent when I have the time to type something out, but otherwise I’m not really different.

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I am much more polite here…at home I would never share my piece of chocolate cake!! ;)

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I am true to who I really am when I post things here, but it’s impossible to say how I am percieved.
I have serious and shy moments, and mask them with attempts at wit.

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In real life I am @wundayatta .

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@Blondesjon Coulda fooled me.

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@Blondesjon Well someone has to do it, and you won’t catch me wearing butterfly wings!

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I’m pretty much myself everywhere

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@cprevite Hahahaha, you’ve obviously never seen me eat a cookie…. 1 bite & u’d be done :)

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