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Why does Fluther not add it to the rules and guidelines thing?

Asked by Disaster_Porn (343points) March 1st, 2010

It is completely ok to have a random celebration on someone, if this is true why does Fluther not put it somewhere?

is it already, am I missing the print?

and if it is not then why not like ya know put it in since your going to allow it and it kinda makes you a contradiction if you dont yea?

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Whay does everything that can be done have to be stated in the rules and guidelines?

Also, the celebrations are not random. They are at 10k intervals.

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I am not 100% sure I am understanding your question correctly, so forgive me if I am not answering exactly what you are asking.

If you are talking about lurve celebrations, they are not random. These occur when one among us hits a milestone such as 10 or 20 thousand lurve points. Also, when they do come up, they are placed in the Meta tab as, rather than being actual questions, that are inviting lots of answers and great discussion, they are celebrations of one of the things that makes Fluther so great. Finally, there is really no reason to point out in the rules that these are allowed because that fact is clear based on the celebrations being there.

Welcome to Fluther. Look around and you might find you want to stay a while. I look forward to your 10k lurve celebration!

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^ What they said.

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In all fairness, we did have a random celebration for Zen, since if we added his many incarnations he would have easily hit 10k by that point. Zen certainly earned a spot in Rancho 10K, but decided that it was more important to say what he felt, than to go for the lurve.
I respect him highly for that.
Anyway, it’s easy to see how someone could misunderstand that.

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@filmfann, this OP joined today. And anyway, the celebration for Zen wasn’t what I’d call “random.” Maybe “special.” What I think we’re seeing here is another instance of a newcomer who leads off with a complaint. If this is not a newcomer but an experienced member using an alternate account, then it’s someone who already knows the answer.

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