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Will people demand the right to marry (intelligent) robots?

Asked by mattbrowne (31557points) March 1st, 2010

From the book “Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships”

In this wide-ranging examination of the emotional and physical relations between humans and the inanimate objects of their desire, artificial intelligence guru David Levy first addresses the question of love with robots, and moves on to consider the mechanics of actually having sex with them. In order to put the reader at ease with the possibility of human-robot love, Levy compares the phenomenon to the ways in which humans fall in love with each other, their pets, and even their motorcycles. From there, Levy argues, it is a short emotional step to the affection people can be expected to display towards robots.

Second question: Do you expect a controversy over gay robot marriage? Which means if the right is granted at some point in the future, will it be restricted to robots depicting (simulating) the opposite sex?

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We are so far from that point with our technology, it seems silly to speculate. But this question reminded me of Bicentennial Man.

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You know, when computers first came onto the scene, they were going to do away with the need for humans. Then they were going to be able to predict the future. And so on… I don’t think anyone will ever truly want to marry a robot (except for idiotic publicity hounds), and I think it’s entirely a non-issue,.

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I hope they will.
But in all probability, humanity will make the same mistakes again and fall back into slavery, segregation discrimination and oppression. We do not create legal frameworks for equality preemptively, we only do it when the shit is already steaming. One of humanities great follies.

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they were going to do away with the need for humans.
A lot of today’s manufacturing is done by computer controlled robots, replacing human workers.

Then they were going to be able to predict the future.
We use computer simulations to predict weather, climate and other things. They do predict the future, albeit with limited accuracy.

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Demand rights to marry a robot I would not be surprised at all,specially if it gets to that point in technology.

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I’d hate to have that mother-in-law…

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I think the rights will be demanded but not necessarily given. Anyone with the right amount of money could create the perfect partner which might not seem so bad until jealousy comes into the picture. People could order the perfect robots and at first it wouldn’t seem so bad. How long until that would be considered cheating, though? How long until men and women start killing their SO’s over the robot?

On a different note, what’s to stop someone from “resurrecting” a dead spouse by having an exact robot replica made of him/her? Sure, this could be outlawed, but there would always be a way around it.

Yet another issue is whether or not there robots would be citizens and have all the rights and privileges of citizens. Would they be able to commit crimes? Would they have super strength? Speed? Senses?

I think people will demand the right to marry robots at first, but I believe the right would not remain for very long.

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You’d be able to claim your sex doll as a dependent and write off the maintenance costs. It’s got possibilities…

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People already have. link

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Maybe a few, really socially inept men might, but for the vast majority of the population—nope.

Marriage won’t be an issue, except, again, for those socially inept men.

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@wundayatta Try again. See above link. It is a woman.

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@missingbite And yet, not a robot!

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@wundayatta It’s a first step. Watch the video. She makes her Macbook talk to her.

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@missingbite Ok. So there are socially inept women, too. Or publicity seeking, or pedantic theoreticians, but there will never be more than a few. Does your crystal ball say differently? Well, we can put our crystal balls in a ring and let they have at it. Not that it’ll make a difference. We’ll find out when (and if) we get there.

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@wundayatta I agree it will be a just be a few loons. But they are there. I cracked up when I saw that video. :)

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that is what they thought in the beginning about people who wanted to marry people outside of their own race: deviants, crazies, evil people, immoral scum, etc.

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I would support it. You’re shocked, I know. And I don’t get why robots have to have sexes or genders. Double shock, I know.

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I would have married my ‘68 Camaro if it was legal to do so!

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I was married to one for 20 years. No thanks.

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@gailcalled But was your “robot” intelligent? J/K

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He was uberbatman intelligent and had positions of authority in several academic communities. He was the headmasters’ headmaster, just like Henry James was the writers’ writer.

Professionally he was beloved. Privately, at home, he took off his personality and hung it up in preparation for the next day at the office.

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@gailcalled sorry to hear that! Just goes to show intelligence is not a sign of character.

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@missingbite: He had character but was walled-in and unavailable emotionally (just like my father, which says something. I’m not sure what).

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I know I would.

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I think that a lot of people here are missing the point. Its not a matter of being so far away from that technology, as in making humanoid robots. I would say that it would be more of a different kind of technology. Why would somebody make a partner that is exactly like human partners? A robot could be programmed to do whatever you want, have whatever personality you want and be programmed to always be loyal. Humans on the other hand cannot(be programmed, they can be loyal).

Did I not hear a story about a woman who got married to her house? I think this pales in comparison.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Why should I be shocked? I’m not. I even contemplate the ability of androids i.e. human-like robots) raising children asking about the implications. Why do robots have to have sexes or genders? To turn them into androids and gynoids which strongly influence our brain chemistries and bodily reactions (neurotransmitters and hormones).

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@LeotCol – Here’s my prediction: If programmed with an always-ready-for-sex personality such androids would be attractive at first, but very soon turn into the exact opposite. If reprogrammed with a you-need-to-seduce-me personality the attraction will return.

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