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How important is it to recognize time milestones in your relationship?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2419points) March 1st, 2010

I’m talking about in numbers such as 6 months, a year, 2 years etc.. Do you acknowledge how long you and your SO have been together? Does it matter before you’re married? Do you even know when your aniversary actually is?? How important do you think it is to recognize this sort of thing?

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Speaking as someone who forgot their 1st wedding anniversary…
I do like to recognise them when I remember them

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Numbers mean little, but please don’t call anything other than a year an “anniversary”. you’ll make me insane. You cannot have a two month anniversary. Or a six month,
Annual – yearly – anniversary.
Just sayin’.

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It often means quite a lot to the women…The men only remember which type of beer they were drinking on a particular milestone day.

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My husband and I know when our wedding anniversary is. We don’t do a lot, no gifts or anything. Just maybe a card, and out to dinner. Our daughters birthday is 4 days after our anniversary, so all the money goes to her birthday instead of our anniversary. Her birthday is more important by miles. We know how long we’ve been married and that we still love each other and that’s what’s important to us.

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Somedays knowing how long we’ve lasted long-distance is the only thing that keeps me going.

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Go and try to forget. See how far that gets you.

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I never place too much importance on them. It’s more like a way to acknowledge how far we’ve come and how happy we still are. I never get mad when my boyfriend has to ask when our anniversary is. :)

@Trillian: In high school, I came up with the term “lunaversary” to signify the month milestones. :)

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@davidbetterman how do you live your life with such a limited view of the genders…neither of us drink beer and both of us find anniversaries to be important

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@hug_of_war – I second that, I’m at school 9 months out of the year which makes it hard. Maybe long-distance means it matters more b/c everything is against you.

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It is important to me. For me it is proof that young love can last. We married when we were 21 and we will be celebrating our 18th anniversary this Easter Sunday. We usually treat ourselves to a nice dinner out, something that we rarely get to do because of limited income.

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We remember the day our lives changed because we talked on gchat for hours and knew we’d never be the same. We remember the day we had our wedding.

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Celebrating is easy remembering them is another story. I think the longer you are together the more important it is to write them down…a little while ago neither of us remember the year we met! lol!

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We still remember dates and events significant to us but we don’t celebrate them in any particular rhythm or rhyme. . . every opportunity we have remembering good times and events are spontaneously acknowledged. Gift giving is also not tied to any calendar date, they are given on a whim.

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@KatawaGrey This indicates a presence of thought. It’s clever and it makes sense. I approve. ;-)

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I can’t tell you today’s date, much less remember anniversaries.

Well, I do know the date of our wedding anniversary. I think. April 21. Or is it 22? Whatever. The day before Earth Day.

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@KatawaGrey That also sounds like a place where crazy people can go in order to earn a degree.

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I remember every date I hace with my s/o. First date, first kiss, first everything.

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@Dibley Do you remember the first time you saw your s/o checking someone else out?

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Yes actually. Thankfully I only saw him do it once, and it was a dirty checking out, but it was a check out.

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Well for fun my fiancee and I will do something special on our “monthaversary”. It’s really just an excuse to do something out of our routine. Anniversaries however are something over the top. so i guess yeah, it’s a thing for us.

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I keep on forgetting our anniversary. >_< Without checking, I can say “sometime in August, a couple of years back”. But I still like celebrating it somehow when it comes around.

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Isn’t that special. I quite enjoy my life. My view is not limited at all, but rather quite wide-open, as opposed to some myopic viewpoints.
Anniversaries in regards to when you met and when you married are lilliputian compared to how you are treating one another right now.
Thanks for your concern though. I thoroughly enjoy all our little chats.

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If any guys out there want some extra brownie points, remember the date of your engagement. Use it for a password or something like that.

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It’s not overly important but we acknowledge them in a relaxed, humorous way. We don’t celebrate as such but we do have a little smile in each others direction!

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I don’t really think it’s that important, although it is nice to see how for you’ve come.
My last girlfriend felt a need to put importance on it every 2 weeks /cry. It drove me insane

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