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Help for a terminally ill friend?

Asked by jeanneme (32points) March 1st, 2010

My friend has terminal cancer. I need to know what resources are out there. She wants to stay at home, lives in Alabama (near Pensacola) gets real weak after chemo and is hoping there is some hospital/recovery center that will take her up to one week until she gets stronger. She has just started losing her hair needs a wig. She talks little, has no family, and is only 65. Anything you can give me will be a great help. Thanks

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Call the American Cancer Society at 1–800-ACS-2345. I have a good friend who works for their hotline and they have tons of information.

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Two suggestion. Try a company like Comfort Keepers ( They specialize in home care and can help out a couple hours a day up to 24/7. They have helped my mother in law a number of time and are a franchise nation wide. It really has made a difference in her life and ours!

Also check into Hospice. When my father in law was diagnosed with cancer they were the best of the best. Hospice has come a long ways.

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I agree with @nikipedia. If you would like, you can pm me and I will give you my phone number ( I am a patient navigator for ACS) and they can call me.

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as far as stay at home assistance…look into an agency called Special Care..
and get some CHLORELLA…it has a great track record for helping folks with the side effects of chemo.

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Call a hospice outfit. Here is one for Alabama.

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