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Help! I'm stuck in a Fluther loop and I can't get out?

Asked by janbb (54669points) March 1st, 2010

I sat down to get caught up on the morning’s activity. Started looking at “Activity for You”, answered a few questions, got a Comment or two to respond to, answered a few new questions…..More activity, more comments, more questions; it’s now two hours later and I’ve got to get off and get to the library before it closes! How do you decide when a Fluther-session has gone on long enough? This question is only semi-tongue in cheek (and hopefully, not daloon’s!)

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You have to get off the Merry-Go-Round yourself.

Thank God I go home and usually stay away from the Computer.

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Sorry. You’re screwed.

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I spent an hour the other day deleting questions in my ‘activity for you’ in my attempt to fluther less. I believe I was able to delete two weeks worth of questions. I’ve been here for over a year. It never ends!

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You took the blue pill, didn’t you?

Quick, put your shoes on and go stand outside for five minutes.

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I told myself I should be studying an hour ago… but I have 51 questions in my inbox and they keep on a coming in and the activity is shooting up as I type so I’m with you on this one Jan xx I’m just going to cut and run when the clock hits…. 20.05!!! I will I WILL!!!

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When Alex is biting at my clothes because he wants to have sex and I’m still talking to people on fluther. Or when he just takes his pants off in front of me as a sign to close my lap top.

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Almost everything in life plays second fiddle to Fluther so if you’re neck deep in participation here, you’d just better go ahead and reschedule all of your daily activities around your Jelly Time, which is most important of course.

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(Well, I did leave long enough to get to the library. Now I’m back…)

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Fluther will be down for a few hours tonight to give everyone a chance to reaquaint themselves with their families.

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@filmfann That’s so scary!

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lol @filmfann lovin it! x did you know before you posted that???

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