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Where can I find Ivory wedding bands?

Asked by dorwinb (4points) March 1st, 2010

We are looking for simple Ivory wedding rings for when we get married.

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Import of ivory is illegal in most countries…

However—you may be able to find what’s called “Vegetable Ivory”

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Please don’t buy ivory. For one, it’s illegal in most countries, but buying it fuels the market for the slaughter of elephants, which are threatened/endangered. They’re intelligent, magnificent creatures that don’t deserve to be killed solely for their tusks.

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There are vintage ivory rings that you may be able to get from estate liquidators or antique dealers. You’ll be hard pressed to find them new due to the ban on international trade of ivory.

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You have great guts asking this here on Fluther. I’ve read through the gun questions I can only imagine the answers you’ll get here.
If I had to guess as to where you could find them I would consider looking for fossilized ivory on the interwebs.

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Ivory belongs to the animals who bore it not on your finger.

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Why not make necklaces out of bald-eagle skulls? or drink bottled haitian earthquake victim tears? How about paving your driveway with holocaust tombstones? Or building a crib out of steel from 9/11’s ground zero for your kid? Seriously?

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Don’t you know where ivory comes from? I have no respect for people in our country that would support such an industry.

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Should we agree not to respond to provocative questions from new jelly accounts of less than 10 lurve and detail-less profiles?

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Welcome to the collective.


This site lets you order them.

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My vote is to look for something other than ivory…

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like actual ivory? from an oliphant? who the hell do you think you are? LOL

good lord. the other day i saw this show where this silly woman took what she thought was a tusk to a pawn shop. she went away angry when he told her it wasn’t real. ARE YOU SERIOUS? she was actually mad. instead of being glad she wasn’t the piece of dookers everyone else thought she was she was angry that she got ripped off on a trip to indonesia when she purchased what she thought was a real ivory tusk.

silly silly silly.

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Isn’t Ivory a banned material, since we were seeing the destruction of the elephants? So whatever you find would have to be antique ivory—if they even sell that anymore.

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You could always cut out the middleman by shooting elephant yourself and cutting off the tusks with a chainsaw and leaving the animal to die after.

Wouldn’t that be romantic?

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Ivory wedding bands are not very practical. They will wear differently and stain easily.
Plus you are adding to the Elephant abuse problem by buying Ivory.

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