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Asking for a friend: What are competitive rates for video ad server pricing?

Asked by tarmar (195points) March 1st, 2010

He’s not sure what to expect as he starts investigating. Anybody have experience with this?

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$300 a month for 80gb of streaming bandwidth with

It’s the best and most reliable one out there.

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@NerdRageIT really, $300/mo fot 80GB???

I can host 5,000GB bandwidth for $75/month with 500GB disk space on Windows 2008/2003 IIS7/IIS6 server. . . . for $100/mo you can get 7,500GB bandwidth with 750GB disk space.

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This is for Video streaming, a whole different monster than regular hosting. Plus they have replicated servers all across the globe, meaning when users connect to the video, they connect to the closest server to them.

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@NerdRageIT I understand what video streaming is…. and what I had posted covers all that. If you’re paying $300 for 80 GBs, maybe we should talk about saving you some $$$.

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